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WP: NFL to analyze preseason games, consider lowering ticket prices, report says


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They need to schedule the preseason games on Friday/Saturday nights only. Nobody wants to go to a preseason game (especially the fourth one) on Thursday night.

Agree wholeheartedly with this. I go to both preseason games if I can, but this year I'll be sitting out the Pittsburgh game. It's a Monday night, I won't get home until 1 AM, and I have to work the next day. I could certainly take a vacation day, but why waste that for a game that doesn't count? 

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Seriously.  I'll be visiting from outside the US, and was considering going to a preseason game, but that $150 2-pack is such a ripoff for a game where the starters wont even be playing more than a couple of series.  They should make it free admission and just be happy with the money they make on concessions, parking, and memorabilia - the actual product they're selling is awful.

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As a STH since 1999, I have been proposing this for years.  If playoff games cost more than regular season games, why do preseason games cost the same as regular season games?  I would even go as far as charging more for in division games than the other games as well.  I have season tickets to UVA and the prices vary depending on the opponent.  VMI costs a LOT less than VA Tech.


If you want to see what preseason tickets are worth, look at the prices on stubhub or go on scorebig, make a meager offer, and see what the "estimated" probability of acceptance is. 


BTW, I bought 5 SRO on the 400 level for about $12 each.


Also, as someone else has mentioned, holding a preseason game on any day other than Fri, Sat, or Sun is ridiculous.

The reason the last game is held mid-week is so that the NFL can have its big kickoff game on Thursday the following week.  Nice to know that the STH of 16 teams are totally getting hosed, so the league can have its one BIG game.  So glad our final game is on the road this year.

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