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  1. We traded a practice squad player for John Beck. Conditional 6th rounder is basically the same thing, right?
  2. Jordan Reed would have been a HOFer if he could have stayed healthy. Probably the most talented player we've had at an offensive skill position since I started watching the skins in the early 2000s. Probably the most talented player we've had on the team during that time other than Sean Taylor. He was simply uncoverable in 2015 - I've never seen defenders falling all over themselves trying to guard a TE. And that 2015 comeback against Tampa Bay is one of my favorite skins games - we put that last play all on him, and the defender was so scared of covering him that he basica
  3. I would assume there are few, if any, QBs whose offenses were TD-less in their first ~12 quarters who went on to eventually become upper tier NFL passers. However, we've really got nothing to lose unless he is actively hurting the development of the rest of the team.
  4. The problem with Doctson is that he is old. Most future elite receivers in the NFL leave college when they are sophomores or juniors. Doctson spent 5 years in college. If he had left college when he was a sophomore or junior, he would have been drafted very late (or not at all). However, he stayed a long time, was able to rack up stats as a 22/23 year old against 18 year old defenders, and we took the bait. He's not going to blossom after leaving here because he's already 26. He'll be 27 by the end of this season. He's half a year older than Jamison Crowder, who has been in the NFL
  5. I agree with Redskinss - I can't picture a future Peyton Manning sitting on the bench because there was a program in place for a future undrafted NFL practice squad member. If Haskins is a top tier NFL talent, and JT Barrett is a future undrafted practice squad member, the coach should recognize that immediately and start the better player. Seems like an extremely odd decision. I wonder if there are many 1st round NFL QBs who sat behind guys who ended up not getting drafted?
  6. As I mentioned in the other RG3 thread, he had a big decision to make this offseason and he royally messed it up. He had the choice to either go to a team where he would have a chance to start right away (Browns, Rams, 49ers type teams), or to go to a team where he could become the heir apparent to a currently good QB on the brink of retirement (Saints, Cardinals type teams). In my opinion, going to a team that needed a starter immediately was risky for two reasons: (1) there was a good chance that he would not even win the starting job in the preseason, which would essentially kill his repu
  7. Honestly I don't think the interception was a bad throw. I have no idea what the tight end was thinking - you have to bend your route toward the middle of the field once you clear the LB, otherwise the QB has no hope of getting you the ball. Also I confess that I'm a little bitter that Barnidge made the Pro Bowl over Jordan Reed - cmon, that's gotta be a joke. The real cause for concern with RG3's performance, IMO, was the fumble. RG3 is a fumble machine. And you'd expect that from a guy who gets sacked a ton like he does. But the unforced errors like botched snaps and botched fumble
  8. I'm proud of RG3. Going 4/8 for 67 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT, and 1 fumble was arguably his best preseason performance since 2012, capping it off with his team taking a 2 point lead on the interception he threw. He's really coming back strong. It's an unconventional way to score points but I admire Griffin's desire to put points on the board no matter what it does to his own personal stat sheet. In the preseason since 2012, Griffin has thrown 3 INTs, fumbled 5 times, and scored 0 TDs. He is averaging fewer than 1.6 adjusted net yards per attempt since 2012, and if we were to penalize fumbles at
  9. The following trademarks are currently in force, per the Trademark Electronic Search System at tmsearch.uspto.gov: - figgas over niggas - sluts - the jew claw - authentic redneck I was going to write a warning at the beginning of my post to warn people that they might see some offensive language, but clearly these highly regarded names have already passed the scrutiny of the trademark office so they are squeeky clean.
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