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31 Dec 2012 : NFL Black Monday


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I bet Lovie Smith is the first of all these coaches to be rehired.

Does Andy Reid get another shot so soon. Or Ken Whisenhunt.

Big mistake by Bears management canning Lovie. His players love him. Hester is now talking about retirement and according to Jay Glazer he has never seen this type of outrage, ever, from a Team when a coach was fired

To me, at the pro level, winning your locker room and getting guys to buy in is about 80% of what you pay a coach for. I mean, it was clear that Andy Reid and Jim Zorn didn't have that buy in. But it was not the case with Lovie

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Really? Good coaches seem to get more than they should from the talent they have and it seems like Lovie always did the exact opposite. I'm a little surprised he lasted as long as he did in Chicago.

Chicago has a highly flawed roster, especially on offense. They are talented but old on defense. I think he did get more than he should have out of that roster. They are essentially the Redskins under Zorn, talent wise.

You'll see that next year

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Lovie Smiths story is all too familiar with Tony Dungys -- on a lot of levels.

Totally agree. I can see him going to a team like Carolina (if Rivera is fired), San Diego or Philadelphia. A team with a ton of veteran players who need a veteran coach to respond to and to get them over the hump.

Whisenhunt, Lovie Smith and Reid will all get rehired this offseason as head coaches, I think.

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So Shanahan set out to get himself a quarterback. That 5-11 record got the Redskins the sixth pick in the draft, a slot that would not be high enough to get Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck, the top two quarterbacks in the draft. But it was close enough to trade up and after decided that he needed either Griffin or Luck, Shanahan went to work to trade up.

The first draft pick belonged to the Colts, who also needed a quarterback with the departure of Peyton Manning seeming inevitable. They weren’t trading the pick. However the Rams, who had drafted Sam Bradford in 2010, did have the “for sale” sign on the second pick.

The Browns, who possessed the fourth pick, were the other serious contenders for the pick. Shanahan bid three first-round picks and a second. Cleveland GM Tom Heckert wouldn’t go higher than three firsts. The Redskins got the pick.

Hecker not only lost out on RG3, he lost his job. His failure to trade up to get Griffin was cited in reports as being the tipping point in the decision to let him go.

Shanahan's fingerprints on Black Monday firings - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins


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Ken Whisenhunt and the GM in zona have been fired.

I think Whisenhunt is actually a pretty good coach. That QB situation in Arizona was as dire as any I have ever seen in pro football. Granted, maybe that was largely his own fault, but no coach could have won there this year.

Give him a team with a relatively stable QB situation, and he will be fine.

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And it begins:

The Arizona Cardinals plan to interview former Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid on Thursday for their head-coaching vacancy, team sources told NFL.com's Ian Rapoport and Albert Breer.

He is expected to use his previous relationship with Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb, who played for Reid in Philadelphia, as a selling point with Cardinals brass.


NFL.com's Albert Breer confirmed Wednesday, citing a source close to the ex-Eagles coach, that Reid will interview with the Kansas City Chiefs before he meets with the Cardinals. The interview will take place in Philadelphia.

The decision to take the interview says a lot of things. Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli remains in place, but his job is tenuous at best. Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt is the one hiring the new coach and there's just no way Pioli would fit in the organization if they hired a coach like Reid. Pioli's contract reportedly says he gets final say on his roster, which doesn't fit with a guy like Reid.


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