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Calling All Skin's Fans To Join The Fight Against an Iresponsible Journalist!


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Earlier a fellow Skin's fan posted a story from the Bleacher Report from a journalist named Darren Grossman. I clicked on the link, read the article, and told him why his wishful thinking was unsubstantiated and a demonstration in shotty journalism. He fired back, as did I, but the only people on this board seem to be Eagles fans. I am not asking for an attack campaign, I am simply asking for some support. Please go to the link, read the article and comment accordingly. Please be respectful and represent this fan base well. HAIL!


P.S., in case you couldn't tell... I am Chris Atchley.

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Honestly I would drop it. Who cares about bleacher report? It's no more journalism than the posts on this board. If you're going to get on there and argue with his article, provide some stats and proof yourself. You saying he didn't provide any proof and then saying we're better just because is just as amateur as him, and it's a pretty big waste of time.

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Dudes not a pro journalist man.

Like most on BR, he's just a fan. And one who openly admits to relishing antagonizing folk and stirring **** up:


Just an Eagles fan giving a biased Eagles view point, as most 'Skins fans do on here. I wouldn't waste time getting into a slanging match with him bro personally.

But if you do, give him HELL! :redpunch:


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