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Visiting DC what should I do?


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I went down and all the stuff in the mall is walking distance but its a lot of walking and there is a lot to see. Also i would def say go to Arlington cemetery if you have never been there. Its very nice. And to watch the changing of the guard is very cool as well.

He is correct, it is all within "walking distance" but it is a ton of walking. Its all in the mall but from the Capital Building to the Lincoln Memorial I think is about 2 miles (maybe less). Plus even when you are in the Smithsonians, Museums, or monuments you are typically walking.

I do not know how old your nephew is but if he is young bring a stroller.

I go to DC frequently and here are the things I like to see:

Air and Space Museum

American History Museum

Vietnam Wall

World War 2 Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

White House

Holocost Museum (but only if age appropriate its graphic, but is the most impactful museum in DC)

I would also recommend eating at RFD (Regional Food and Drink) right across from the Verizon Center, or The Green Turtle right next to the Verizon Center (These are Bars but have great food, beer, and are fine for kids especially during the day)

I would also get an all day metro pass that will allow you to go all over the city, save some walking, and maximize your sight seeing time. The Navy Yard metro stop lets you out about a block from the Nats Stadium so if you are in the mall or near verizon center for example you can hop on the metro and get to the park in relatively quick fashion.

What day are you going? We are actually heading there on Sunday for the Nats and Phillies, either way have a great trip and stay away from the rough parts of town.

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