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NY Times: Bin Laden’s Death Likely to Deepen Suspicions of Pakistan


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I don't doubt the president as someone who lost his wife to terrorism was against terrorists. I do wonder whether he had/has the influence, power and information to be accountable. For that matter, I suspect the same is true for much of Pakistan. I suspect some few sympathetic to AQ knew where Osama was. I've seen quite a few posts and articles on here saying their security and spy network was not very intertwined with any outside chain of command, so I find it at least plausible the civilian government elected by the people had no idea and were giving what information they could.

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A few things and I really hate to say it today because I am all sorts of excited. But I simply have trouble buying the official story

1) This is in a military town filled with retired military officers

2) Within spitting distance are nuke facilities, the PAF (Pakistan Air Force) HQ, the Pakistan Army's version of Westpoint is 1 km, ISI training grounds are nearby. No way does the US conduct this type of operation without the Pakistani army knowing about it

3) Reports were of a Pakistani helicopter being down 6 hours before the news broke


4) The entire area was cordoned off. This wasn't US personell cordoning off an area in a town in Pakistan

There are too many things I am hearing and reading to buy the official story we have gotten. I am convinced that the Pakistani's a) knew where he was and B) finally made the decision to turn him over due to the storm around the entire ME. At that point they were fully engaged with the operation.


Cool new twist maybe: Apparently some feel a new stealth helicopter was used by SEAL Team 6, which they add would have prevented a radar signature from being noted by the Pakistani Military. A bit more credence possibly to the notion that perhaps Pakistan really knew nothing about what was going on inside the compound until it was over. Maybe us reporting that Pakistani Intelligence assisted us in the action was a ruse or a way for Pakistan to save some face. We kept the information about the courier from our closet allies: Great Britain & Australia. I can't imagine we gave Pakistan anything useful.

Leon Panetta also admitted that 25 mintues of the feed were blacked out. Apparently it was the SEALs call to kill him.

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