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DI: Sr. Bowl Buzz Tuesday (MET)


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Gotta show Mayock some love. This is his time of the year! I take him anyday over the two over at ESPN. I also gotta say, I thought he did a good job calling the Saints/Seahawks game. Can we get him on national tv somewhere? lol

I agree. I watched him in the NFL draft last year and he is much more thorough and better than Kiper or McShay. And he doesn't have to kiss ass with any scouts since he pretty much works for the NFL. I always heed what he says.

Having said that, imagine if Kellen Moore had Kaepernick's body? Cause honestly, Moore really outplayed him in that Nevada game. The kicker really hosed him there.

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Kaepernick is the real deal imho, and I believe is better prospect than all the qb,s in this draft.

Echo your sentiments. His record speaks for it's self. He has improved every year he played at the college level.

He is a CHARACTER guy. He is COACHABLE. He is intelligent, and makes good/quick decisions. He is tall and strong. He is 6"5" odd inches and is mobile. He has a strong ACCURATE arm.

He is the real deal. More details are available here. http://www.nevadawolfpack.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=45375&SPID=4082&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=10000&ATCLID=530619&Q_SEASON=2010

For me Jake Locker regressed this year. And, for the most QBs who regress in their Senior year don't do well in the NFL. Sexy Rexy is a good example.

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sorry gotta move that to the other forum, stadium has only one thread, Redskins Football :D

How's about we just move this site as a thread to a new FORUM called "LIFE"...simplify it all now ;)

As far as my list it looks something like this (based purely on potential)...

1) Locker (1)

2) Newton (1)

3) Gabbert (1/2)

4) Kaepernick (4/5)

5) McElroy (4/5)

6) Ponder (4/5)

7) Dalton (5)

8) Stanzi (7)

The number to the right is the round I believe them to be draftable without reaching at this point in time. Some may move up/down over the next few months. Ponder has a chance to jump up to the 3rd in my eyes if he can come back healthy, but I'm not sold on him as a franchise QB...more of a solid career backup. Same can be said for Dalton and Stanzi being career backups, though I honestly don't expect much change in their drafting values.

All this being said, if one or more is available during certain rounds and they are considered to be worthy of drafting I'll be ok with that as long as other positions have been addressed.

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Whats the point in having 5 threads discussing the same thing?

honestly, I different threads for different prospects. Sure its all under the draft umbrella, but each QB or player has their own pros and cons that need to be discussed. Things get jumbled up and lost in a big thread that has over 1000 replies.

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I thought this kid looked good in practice moved the pocket kept his eyes down field while running, I think taking him in the the third giving him time to develop is ideal

I would agree with that...still one issue...we don't have a 3rd (yet).

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Once again another topic being discussed in the draft thread

Maybe if everyone asks really nicely, the mods can create a whole new forum titled "All Things Draftable"...and then there can be individual threads for each probable prospect or the conglomerate threads regarding general thoughts/ideas...within this wonderful new forum.

This way we don't have to endure more posts of...this is already being covered in the "draft thread". Just a thought...back to staring at the pics of the Mexican Weather girls...man we gotta get some of them here.

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If someone like Von Miller is not there at 10 then trade back and gain one :D

I am seriously hoping that Von Miller is there at #10 and we sprint up to the podium to take him.

Side note: This must be killing mi6 that the one thread with Colin Kaepernicks' name in the title got changed :ols:

All Hail Kaepernicus!

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