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A getaway to WV?


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Looking to spend a week or so in WV - kids are interested in rock climbing, hiking and running (ideally forest trails/fire roads that can be run hard without concerns over twisted ankles - I have HS XC runner who needs to get his miles in while we're away and at least some flat areas would be nice).

Once we find a good general location we'll look for a decent place to rent on vrbo.com

We've enjoyed Senecca Rocks before.


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Coopers Rock State Forest. You can hike and run and climb. You can camp there if you want or Morgantown is like 15 minutes away on I-68 and they have plenty of hotels, plus some pretty good dining and other stuff to do. I'm sure you could find a kegger if you wanted. :chug:

Edit: If you look under the events tab, looks like they are holding a half marathon in July. Even if you don't want to go to that, at least you know that they have the right kind of surface to get in the miles.

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And just throwing it out there- have you given any thought to the Great Smokies NP? It would be about 8 hours by car- so, might be too far. But would definitely have everything you're looking for

However, I think there is no more beautiful place in this country. (the park itself)




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