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Metallica sues over E & F chords


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What a bunch of DINKS!!!! They lost a fan in me a few years ago over the whole napster deal. 50% of all revenues!??!?!!?!! These people act as if they are dead broke!! Jerks, Jerks, Jerks!!!!!!! Screw Metallica!!!

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I can't believe they think they are the only band who can go from E to F. If you could copyright that, all of the chord changes would be spoken for in a month and there would be no more music. I could copyright 12 bar blues and destroy rock and blues forever.

I could go home and play E and F in succession until my fingers fall off and it will not sound anything like Metallica.

What a bunch of self-absorbed jackholes. I used to LOVE their music but now it just makes me sick to my stomach.

Yes - I downloaded a BUTTLOAD of your music Lars - FOR FREE :finger:

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