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  1. Just wrote this piece for, if you all could check it out...It's on the recent rash of canceled fights in boxing, and past fights that have been canceled as well...Any and all feedback is welcome...Thanks...
  2. Yes, it would...It's very confusing...Hopefully they will one day go away, until then, we have to try, as boxing fans, to see the big picture...
  3. OK. To answer you question ACW, forget about all the so-called champs...They don't mean have to go by lineage...Going back a little bit, Freitas was champ, Corrales beat him, then Casamayor beat Corrales, just bc Casaymayor gets stripped of his titles for bs reasons from the organizations, and they divy them off, doesn't mean he isnt champ...He is THE CHAMP. Period...Marquez is fighting Casamayor, and if he wins, he woudl be THE CHAMP...then im sure if that happens, Pacman will fight Marquez sometime next year for the recognized championship...hope this helps...
  4. Sorry if I insulted you...I probably am clouded by the fact he is my favorite fighter...And yes, I would agree with Kellerman that it did look like Cotto-Margarito...He was def busted open by a punch, what isn't certain is if a butt cut him, and he punched just opened up the cut, which is possible...Nevertheless, Judah will be back in a big fight, because he has a few things going for him... 1. One of the recognizable fighters in the world. 2. Always in exciting fights. 3. Exciting personality. 4. He fought hard and was very determined in a losing effort to a guy who would give anyone fits... Say what you want about Judah, and there is a lot of truth to your post, the one thing you can't dog him for, is unlike a lot of fighters, he is always willing to fight anyone at anytime...Sorry if I offended you again...
  5. That's funny... First of all, the fight didn't go the full nine, so they score the partial round...Second of all, it's not my opinion, it's fact that the first was even on two of the three scorecards going INTO the ninth...Zab is far from a journeyman, correct spelling, hes still a top 10 fighter...Real cool of you to try to say he quit, Zab has never ducked anyone, I want to see what you do after being battered for 8 and a half rounds... As for growing the f up, you're the one who said Judah got punked, when it's pretty clear he didn't...I never said Judah was going to win, just said who knows what happens if the cut doesn't happen...
  6. No way they're putting Cotto in with Punisher after the beating he took, at least not yet. He'll take some time off, fight a fringe contender, and then hopefully be back in the mix.
  7. how the hell did Zab get punked? Entering the ninth round, the fight was even on two of the three cards...Get a f'in clue....Clottey tore his biceps so theres a good chance Judah is going to fight Margartio now, as reported on
  8. They are only showing a highlight package of the Peterson fight...
  9. Forrest and Mora are fighting on Sept. 13 on the undercard of Casamayor-Marquez. Lange is not a good fighter at all, he could be 50-0, records don't mean anything, if you beat 50 scrubs...
  10. bc he didnt vacate it yet, bc he doesnt know who is fighting next, he will make a decision soon i'm sure...
  11. No, its bs, because Rahman quit like the dog that he is. Also, ACW, I personally wouldn't waste my money on that crap fighter Jimmy Lange. Those tickets are outrageously priced also. Instead, make the trek up to either AC for the Pavlik Hopkins fight or to NYC for the Calzaghe Jones fight. I am covering the Friday Night Fights Card at Ibiza so we'll meet up if you're attending.
  12. Well not necessarily ACW. Usually, the fighters will vacate the championship if they move up in class. And I agree completely with you Sith, no MMA fight can touch boxing when its at its best. Stillunknown, good analysis. Margarito is far from unbeatable. Styles make fights. Clottey was def winning up until he broke his hand. Gotta give him his props tho, he was one tough SOB.
  13. ummm, this is hands down one of the best fights I've ever seen. And now a fight between Williams and Margarito would be for the RING CHAMPIONSHIP at welterweight!!
  14. pumped for tonights fight, i'm so sick of virginia though, no sports bars show big boxing fights on ppv, only ufc new york, no one really gives a crap about ufc...