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The Random Thought Thread (Stadium Edition)

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Dan Snyder "And the Sellout Streak Continues"


Jeff Bezos, please by the Washington Redskins and fix this team


  • Lower Level Corner 114 $10.78
  • Stub Hub Club Level End Zone 327 $9.80
  • Lower Level End Zone 131 $9.80
  • Lower Level Corner 135 $9.80
  • Upper Level 410 $7.10






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Just got off the phone with my friend who spent the last few days in salmon(river of no return co.)fishing..landed a steel head..to small to keep though..dude fell in the river hahaha..its pretty chilly there this time o year..wanna talk about getting hammered...take one of these trips to salmon aaaaaand boy howdy lol

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Man, PI is just crazy now. I've watched a lot of football in my life and have never seen so many "no calls". Even when slowed down on review/challenge & it's obvious, no change in the call. 

DeAndre Hopkins has a legitimate beef, he was smothered yesterday.

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13 hours ago, Monk4thaHALL said:

Gibbs wins again

I'm just happy he's still finding success. After watching his "A Football Life" profile, it seemed like being the head coach here took a toll on him and his familial relationships. I think he even mentioned missing his son's football games at his exit press conference in '93. 


Godspeed, Joe Gibbs. May you never have to deal with this tirefire again.

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Haskins:  "Hey you fat arses. I'm getting sacked back here by no fault of my own. What can I do to help you mudda fudges? Help me help you!  Help me help you!! I just wanted to come over and say that to pretend there is something I could do to get the point across you fat bastages are hurting my image. They think I can't do this. It's all your fault hod hamit. How am I supposed to throw when you don't give me 5 or 6 seconds? Straight up. You see all that time I had at Ohio State? I had all day. That line was dope. Tighten up or I'm going to have to do something. Y'all let me know what that is you fat sum benches.

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This is what a true leader is and I hope to god the Redskins can find someone like him.  It's really hard not to root for the guy...


Zrebiec with a load of tweets from Marlon Humphrey's presser 

"Marlon Humphrey told a good story to illustrate how much Lamar Jackson has lifted the locker room this yr. Jackson went into training room yesterday, not because he needed to get treatment, but he just wanted to shake hands with all the rehabbing players and the athletic trainers

"Humphrey said that type of gesture means a lot to everyone, given how much Jackson's star has risen. Humphrey said that Jackson has always been humble, but he's seemingly gotten humbler the more success he's had.

"Humphrey story came after he said that the current Ravens team just seems tighter than ones he's been on in the past. Said guys hang out in the locker room for an hour after practice just to discuss different things.

"Humphrey also said that Marcus Peters has done a lot for team chemistry. Not long after he was acquired, Peters suggested all the DBs get together for a team dinner. Peters footed the bill. Now, the DBs get together for dinner regularly."

More on jackson:

"He calls people by name, knows the names of kids of people in the building. Just gets it. This includes down to the janitorial staff

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Just now, bakedtater1 said:

Ahhh ok that makes sense lol..the snyder gets in the way

tell me about it.   Unfortunately I don't think we win anything until Bruce Allen is fired and Snyder gets out of the way.  He won't sell the team because he makes too much money even as he mismanages the team.  

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3 minutes ago, skinsmarydu said:

His mom was blinded by an acid attack, and can only see him score in her mind...but she can very graphically describe it. Very awesome! 

Oh my god!!!...how devastating!!!...an acid attack?..wtf...that's very awesome though she's still there in the stands

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