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Well. I think my opinion was honest. If by class you me saying how great he was and Im going to miss him. Then yeah..im showing no class cause its not true.

No, "class" doesn't mean saying he was great. It means focusing on the positives of Thrash as he leaves the team.

His hard work, his dedication, the fact that he wasn't a boat-rocker and caused problems.

Everybody already knows we aren't losing Art Monk in his prime.

I have seen several handles in both threads of people who weren't big Thrash fans. However, they understand that there is no reason to spit on the guy as he goes out the door and is probably forced to retire due to injury.

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Age may have finally caught up with the indefatigable James Thrash. One of the hardest working men on this team couldn't pass a physical? Regardless of the exact reason behind his departure, let me also say thanks for all your hard work and years of service, JT - and good luck with whatever you take on next.


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I wish this press release was dated 2007.

See below. If there was a better option in 2007, he would have made the team over Thrash.

Well he was a great special teams player but I am glad he is gone. He was a practice field legend that took up a roster spot and really hasnt produced anything in games. He just sucked up a roster spot from young players we could of developed. Oh happy day!! Im sorry he got hurt but he should of been cut two years ago. Im really surprised at people being upset he is leaving.

Thrash made a career out of being a smart player who was willing to do whatever the team needed. While not a huge contributor in terms of catches and yardage, he was nonetheless a guy we could always rely on to run the right routes and actually catch the ball. Evidently none of those younger players you mentioned could do those things and so they never made it past the practice squad. As much as we have needed a true #1 receiver in recent years, if one of the unheralded guys you speak of had really been the answer, Thrash would have probably been gone. If you think I'm wrong though, please feel free to cite examples of guys Thrash kept us from signing who went on to be even marginal contributors elsewhere. Yeah, lotsa luck with that. :rolleyes:

Sorry but Thrash was/is a class act and is the type of guy that makes up the bulk of NFL rosters on teams that consistently win. We need more guys like him, not fewer.

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He will go down in history in the gibbsian lexicon as a true redskin.


A “true Redskin”: Aging journeyman skill position player who wouldn’t make the roster of most “good” teams and lacks any discernible above average skills. And he loves Jesus. See “Thrash, James.”

But seriously folks, he was an above average special teams guy. The Wheelhouse guy was trying to be funny. Average guys don't work in the NFL for 12 years. Besides, he always "played his guts out". This is like seeing an old friend retire. HTTR

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