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  1. Worse than your lack of good history, re:Redskins, imagine how painful it is for those of us who lived through 5 Super Bowl seasons, with 3 winners, to go through the dreck that has been on display for the last 20 years. It's like your hot wife suddenly gained 50lbs and quit showering and refuses to do anything about it for 20 years. Changing her name won't make her hot again.
  2. My choices: 1. Redskins 2. Redskins 3, Redskins 4. Redskins 5. Redskins 6. Redskins 7. Redskins 8. Renegades 9. Warriors 10. Borg 11. Pansies
  3. We're not even on the same planet. Not to drag this into the weeds, but protesting is one thing, and I support the right to do so. Violent mobs, looting, and overall destruction are very different.
  4. While I couldn't of hated the name March more if I tried, I like the Borg suggestion. Let's be honest, it's much cooler and still embraces the theme that has gotten us to this point.
  5. Dan should sell the naming rights to the highest bidder. The team could be the Washington Exxon-Mobil or the Washington Facebook. Why not? Everything seems to be for sale these days.
  6. Imagine the logistics in trying to poll each and every NA in the US. Dan could afford it, but we'd revisit this again and again until it was decided the name had to be changed. In the end, Dan is a businessman. He'll do whatever is best for his bottom line.
  7. If the Redskins moved to London, I would remain a fan. As long as it's not Canada. I'm not tied to DC. No offense to all the Washingtonians on the board. If they change the name and a lot of the other things that make up the franchise, I'll have a lot of soul searching to do. It wouldn't just be the Redskins, either. It would be football, in general. If it were to happen, I could not be a die hard fan for any other team. Partly because of the changes, but also because of the reason for the change. I'm not going to re-hash 542 pages about if the name is, or is n
  8. I'm not cool with naming by poll. We could end up like the Bullets did and be called something similar to the Wizards. Dan needs to man up and either keep the name (unlikely) or come up with a suitable name for his multi-billion dollar franchise.
  9. Another silly anecdote. I worked with a guy around 2009 who told us that when he was in the reserves (not sure which one), he kept calling this other recruit chief. Not in a derogatory way, it was just the word he used, like pal or buddy. Everyone at work was chief. Anyway, after a few days, the guy got in his face and told him to stop using that word, since he was NA and he was not a chief.
  10. It's a 2 way street. Continually produce a bad product and you lose fans. Raise the ticket prices to a point that the only people who go to games are not true fans, but go because it's the cool thing to do today. Move the team and get some buzz for a while and fill more seats. If the owner doesn't care about me, as a fan, then why am I going to spend my hard earned dollars on his product when he can roll when the wind shifts? NASCAR did the same thing years ago. They priced away the true fans and now they are covering up seats during races. Anyway, having wasted t
  11. That thought crossed my mind during this discussion. I never bought into the theory, though. This team has mostly shot itself in both feet for 2 decades.
  12. So, you're loyalty and fandom are about the city and not the team? As I said, I am not close to either city, so geography plays no role in my fandom. I like who I like. As I said before, I have been a Redskins fan since I was a football fan. I'd listen to Colts games and pull for them, but they were only a secondary team and them winning made my mother happy. When they left town, suddenly, the Balitomre TV station carried Redskins' games, the local paper did Redskins' stories, and and all was good in my universe. Then came the Ravens and all of that ended. You should be gla
  13. A. Don't give a **** who you take seriously. B. The NFL allows teams to pick up and move based on market conditions and has nothing to do with loyalty to a city. It's all about marketing and dollars. If the Redskins moved to London, would you still be a fan or would you switch to the Ravens?
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