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  1. sempre_victrix

    10-6 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    i have no interest in intentionally losing. I feel that it will come naturally. But, I also believe in the long term, which is a thoroughly embarrassed Snyder which will hopefully lead to an Allen-less Redskins. I view a completely abject and bleak season as a form of president-of-football-operations chemotherapy.
  2. sempre_victrix

    10-6 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    Why? I pray we don't get another W this year. Maybe that will convince Snyder that Allen needs to go. Add to that, maybe we can get a top 3 pick and trade back to fill more holes. We cut the high salaried space takers and try this again.
  3. sempre_victrix

    10-6 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    I have Cousins on my bench in FF, normally starting Deshaun Watson. Any opinions on starting Cousins this week, in Prime Time? Also have Cook and Diggs. I could live or die against the Redskins.
  4. sempre_victrix

    10-6 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    Come on 1-15. Get that #2 pick, even though you'll probably draft a domestic abusing project Safety with an injury history who had a really great combine with it.
  5. sempre_victrix

    What the hell is Wrong with Scherff?

    It's not just Scherff, the entire right side is putrid. Moses standing there while a rusher saunters past to sack Case. Penalties. Ineffective blocking. Man, the HC need to chew out the OL coach.
  6. Allen does make a move without Dan's blessing, including a bowel movement. This organization is the poster child in how to not run an NFL franchise.
  7. Anyone, in this day and age, who demands everyone call him Mr. Snyder has his head so far up his own ass that there is no way he is going to do anything anyone demands that he do. In fact, he will keep Bruce just because the fans want Bruce gone. Don't show up to games? I already have the ticket money, suckers. Don't buy Redskins merch? Margin sucks and the players get a cut, anyway. Stadium is empty? TV money is what bought me this yacht. We'd be better off demanding that Snyder keep Bruce. Or even promote him.
  8. What Allen should say is that he is willing to trade ANY player if the price is right.
  9. As much as I appreciate AP and his willingness to be direct, I don't think he knows much about this. I'm sure that Bruce has asked Trent what it will take to get him on the field and I bet Trent's answer has been a trade. If this is over the scalp issue, TW is being a drama queen and there is nothing that can undo the past. If it's about money, then TW can suck it up and play out the contract that he signed and loved 3 years ago. If Bruce thinks TW is coming back, I think he's delusional. Listen to any and all offers for the next week and make the best deal possible. This team could make a giant step towards getting right with a few extra high picks and a couple of young players. If Bruce did get the offer being discussed and hasn't leapt upon it, SWINM is going to drive to his home and piss on his flowers.
  10. If, by some miracle, Bruce accomplishes something close to this rumor, I will have to remove 2 pins from my Bruce Allen voodoo doll.
  11. I hate to be a Debbie Downer and all, but I really doubt we get all of that for TW. This is a cruel prank.
  12. Whatever we get, it won't be enough, but I am so ready to be done with this drama queen production. If it's reasonable, take it.
  13. sempre_victrix Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    Way ahead of you
  14. I'm not much of a baseball fan these days, and when I am , it's the Orioles (I know, maybe I AM a masochist), but if the Nats doing well brings even more agony to Mr. Snyder, then I hope they win the damn series for the next 5 years. Go NATS!!!!
  15. sempre_victrix

    Season Ticket Holders Mutiny

    Give up your season tickets and someone will buy them hoping to resell them. Some of these people have had these tickets in the family for decades, so I understand not being willing to lose them. It's a hard decision and I blame no one for continuing to buy them. Honestly, I hope that all season ticket holders resell them to opposing fans until Dan is so embarrassed that he actually does something, up to, and including, selling the team. My biggest fear is that he sells to some woke SJW who immediately changes the name.