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  1. I think that we should address OL in the draft, as quickly as possible. This does not sound like a good signing, unless he suddenly realizes that he's been wearing his shoes on the wrong feet since he was drafted.
  2. sempre_victrix


    I'd invite him to camp. We're going to need a #3 QB this year unless we fix this OL pronto.
  3. sempre_victrix

    The Cult of Case

    Who knows? More than likely, they Forrest Gumped themselves into this position with this trade.
  4. sempre_victrix

    The Cult of Case

    As much as I hate our FO, considering our CAP numbers, this is a great move. It basically cost us nothing and we still have money to land a good safety in FA. We could potentially trade for Rosen and have a real battle in camp for starting QB, all on the cheap. At least we're no longer in desperation mode for a QB.
  5. sempre_victrix

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm not giving up picks for ANYONE. I'd rather trade back, if anything. We have far too many holes and there is no way I'd give up the future, once again, for ANY college player, especially when we have a shoddy OL that would put our new, expensive toy on IR. If you want to trade Norman or Reed to move up, I may be interested, if it were a great deal for us, but that's about it.
  6. sempre_victrix

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    My thought process was more along the lines of potentially career ending or multi-year injuries, or God forbid, a death. Hamstrings, broken arms, even torn ACLs would not qualify. Those are the cost of doing business.
  7. AB is elite, there is no question about that. We have NO ONE to throw him the ball. Nada, zip, zilch, etc. Why in the world would we give up anything to get him on the team? We need an OL that can protect whatever QB we get and that requires high draft picks. Out current OL stinks. We have 2 O linemen and one of them is on the downslope of his career. We have nothing in the pipeline worth a damn. All that being said, I see Bruce trading away two 1sts and a 3rd to the Steelers for AB and using our remaining picks for punters.
  8. sempre_victrix

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Exactly, Time to grab OL, receivers, and a safety. Trade back if we can. Now is not the time to reach and we are no where near close to anything.
  9. sempre_victrix

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    Sometimes, I think the NFL needs to create a Cap rule to partially insulate teams from the scenario that we have been place into by our wonderful FO. In the case of catastrophic injury to a player with a Smith or Cousins type contract, give the team some sort of Cap relief. Obviously, it would need to be closely monitored and an exception to the rule. Maybe even give a team 1 relief option per 10 years. This should also be a wake up call for every FO in the league, but it won't be. It had better be a wake up call for OUR FO. First. we gave up the future for RG3 and he was a flash in the pan until his injury and now we mortgage our Cap future by overpaying an aging vet and dump him behind a weak OL.
  10. sempre_victrix

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Lets hope that this is a lost season coming up. Let's draft high 2 OL then go BPA otherwise. Don't reach. Don't pick someone who fell due to injury or character issues. Plan on 2020 draft to find a QB with a very early pick.
  11. Not like he can hurt this team. It's already a train wreck going over cliff into the fire. But I still hate this guy.
  12. sempre_victrix

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    Time to think 2020. Personally, I think we need to trade any vet not earning his salary (Norman) for 2019 or 2020 pics. If we cannot trade, then cut. Trade any vet who realistically will not be playing at a good level in 2020/2021 for pics. If we can do this, eat Smith's salary in 2019 if he agrees to retire. The only way to right this ship is a large infusion of young talent.
  13. sempre_victrix

    Poll: How are you choosing to be a Redskins fan right now?

    I've reached a point where I don't really care. I expect that they will make all the wrong moves and suck. If, by some miracle of God, they accidentally make a few good moves and show some promise, I know that they will **** it up and break my heart once again. It's a given. It would be nice if whoever is in charge of permitting the new stadium went to Dan and said, "Look, we'd like to bring the team back into the city, but we're worried that it will not be full, long term. We need the fans to have faith that you are doing what's best for the team, so you'll need to remove Bruce Allen from all football operations, permanently, before these negotiations will move forward."
  14. sempre_victrix

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    At this point, I hope we do whatever it takes for Snyder to finally ****can Allen out of here.
  15. This is a ****ty hire. We are definitely going backwards in coaching ability, based on rankings. WTF, Bruce? I've been to Tampa a few times, give me a damn job.