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  1. sempre_victrix

    Norman released

    He's not a bad guy. I love his fire and attitude. He had a great final year with the Panthers, desperation drove us to overpay him, and we probably used him incorrectly (shocker). I'm sure Jay's soft attitude did not help the situation. He's not worth what he'd be getting paid if we retained him. I wish him luck.
  2. Trade back and roll with Haskins. If he’s a dud, we’ll pick high again next year and trade Haskins.
  3. sempre_victrix

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    Honestly, I don't like Snyder dictating what base defensive scheme we run. Once again, he's meddling in something he barely knows anything about. That said, we were promised millions of sacks when we made the switch to 3-4. That never panned out and I hope that our new DC moves the team back to a 4-3. I want the best DC that is willing to join this team.
  4. sempre_victrix

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Has he found a helmet that doesn’t hurt his head? Hes not going to play for the Skins unless they redo his contract
  5. sempre_victrix

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Just when I thought my opinion of TW couldn’t get any lower, he proves me wrong. I hate Bruce Allen so much for not trading this asshole when he had good offers
  6. sempre_victrix

    The { Possibly } Sweetest Game Of The Year

    With all due respect, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this issue. Winning the division amounts to nothing except minor bragging rights for a year. We drop lower in the draft order and Allen could be back to torture us again. SnyderCo is given ammunition to get his stadium deal. Losing improves our draft and gives Snyder more justification to move on from Allen. I live to beat Dallas and would love to ruin their season, but I'm looking long term.
  7. sempre_victrix

    **** you 50 gut!!!!

    Watch the entire game here
  8. sempre_victrix

    **** you 50 gut!!!!

    Except that they had a passing game to go with the run game. Teams couldn't stack the box. That OL was a bulldozer with legs and Riggins was a hammer. That line would get him 3 yards a play before he was ever touched. They would tell the DL which way the ball was headed and they still couldn't stop it. That's the exact reason why we need to invest heavily in the OL in the draft. No reaches, just good, solid, mean linemen.
  9. sempre_victrix

    **** you 50 gut!!!!

    Damn, brought tears to my eyes. I had to work that day, so I listened to it on the radio. Every Redskins fan should watch this over and over. Maybe then they'll stop accepting the putrid product produced over the last 20 years by SnyderCo.
  10. What I want to see is good effort by the young guys and Haskins showing that he is learning the pro game and to lose out. 0-5. I know that makes me sound like a ****ty fan, but winning does us no good and losing can help so much. We could possibly see the end of the Allen reign and high draft picks. Who cares if we win the division? That's like being the strongest guy at band camp. We'd get killed in the first playoff game, Bruce could make the case to stay another year, and we'd drop way down the draft order. Losing is the new winning (at least for us this year)
  11. sempre_victrix

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    Personally, I didn’t listen to his post-game comments. He sounds like an immature kid, which he is. He needs to be talked to by the players and coaches about this. Lets see if he learns and matures in the next 5 games. This team is such a ****show, his gaffes are minor distractions. I’m more worried about his lack of touch.
  12. sempre_victrix

    No more max contract free agents.

    This goes back to getting good return on your draft picks. If you have several good years in a row, you keep and utilize your drafted players, thus keeping your cap lower. If you trade away picks or miss badly, you are forced to keep mediocre players and sign free agents. We've traded picks away (RG3, Dix) and completely whiffed (Perine, Doctson, Jones, Cravens) and traded good prospects (Fuller). This is solidly on the front office.
  13. sempre_victrix

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    Exactly. There is no need to run out the vets who wont be here next year or the year after unless we have to do so. Doing is the best way to learn.
  14. sempre_victrix

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    Not to take anything away from the player KDawg mentioned above, they played their asses off. I like that we seem to slowly be getting a nice group of young guys who are willing to play hard. But We won only because the Lions really suck without Stafford. I still hold hope for Haskins. He's a kid. Granted, he seems very self-centered, but he's still a big kid playing a man's game for lot of money. He just won his first NFL game. I'm willing to look past the selfie.