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The Redskins Offensive Line - Sacks Allowed


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I think Faneca kinda got in based on his name. He can still do good in the running game, but the Steelers thought his play was declining and didn't want to overpay to keep him. There was a noticeable drop off in the run-game for the Steelers this season since Faneca left, but the poor pass-pro is similar to last season when Faneca was still there.

Sorry, incorrect. The Steelers wanted to keep him AND thought highly of his play but, like you said, they weren't willing to pay what he was asking.

Yeah, the O-line was poor and criticized heavily but the end of the season just shows that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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JLC needs to do more research. Originally I thought so too, but this was Rabach's best year as a Redskin in terms of number of penalties, they were baaaaad penalties though.

Rabach in:

'08, 3 penalties

'07, 5 penalties

'06, 5 penalties

'05, 9 penalties

Rabach USED to be the linchpin. This was his worst season in sacks allowed by far. He gave up 3.75 sacks in his first 3 years (combined) as a Redskin, and 5.5 this year. He'll be 32 about when the season starts. He's not fine wine, and he's not going to get better with age.

That has to be wrong. He had 3 penalities in one game. Two were holds that cost us points. No doubt Rabach had a rough year with penalities and bigger DT, but he makes up for it with experience. He calls out line assignments.

I wouldnt give up on Rabach just yet. If he re-conditions himself into the player he was with the Ravens then we wont have any issues. No one complained about him when we were 6-2 and Portis was the #1 RB/MVP canididate. Blitzes exploited the line. Kendall and Randy didnt provide help and injuries to Samuels and Jansen/Heyer lead to the demise of the line. Teams blitzed at will and shut down our offense. I would stick with Rabach, bring up Rhino at Guard, and draft a RT at #13. Resign Kendal for depth only(min salary) and Heyer will provide depth.

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I remember seeing even Samuels get beat a lot last year, but JC having to get rid of the ball quickly. I would submit our offensive lines pass blocking is even worse than that seems to indicate. But yes, Jansen and Rabach were the worst. I cannot count how many times I saw Rabach just get destroyed one on one right off the snap(and not with bull rushes). Regardless we need to have at LEAST 3 new young offensive linemen starting on that line in the next year or so. We do not have that currently on our roster.

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Rabach is only as good as the talent around him. IMO, RT is highest priority on the line (Heyer is ok, but belongs on the left backing up Samuels). RG would be the next priority on the line. LG is a concern, but I expect Kendall to be back for cheap and the team to start rotating Rinehart in more often, despite what reports say. Either that or we get another vet to compete with Rinehart at LG. Either way, I think if Samuels comes back healthy and we have a new starter at RT and an eventual replacement for Randy Thomas at RG then Rabach should be ok for another season until we can replace him.

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