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The Patriot Act..


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Will Obama now dismantle the Patriot Act? Now that all evil will stop in the world and America will be friends with everyone, so why do we need to defend ourselves? Isn't the patriot act "one of" the defining things that the left accuses Bush of being Pure evil and usurping the constitution and stripping Americans of there rights? (Has any Innocent person gone to jail or been convicted under the Patriot Act yet?)..

If he's going to stream line it what parts will be amended or be removed? If so will that be the area once he does, that makes us more vulnerable.. I mean come on Bush was so so bad lets just completely repeal the Patriot Act we don't need it now..Will the FBI, CIA, And Secret Service and local law enforcement be shackled again and not be allowed to share information? i sure hope so, i cant believe Bush fixed that issue..

Now that Obama will be in office he will be able monitor all container ships, the whole border of the United States, All terrorist traffic and conversations going on in the united States..if only Obama was in office before 9/11 he would have stopped it.. Things will be so much better once we leave Iraq, i cant wait..

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I'm sure most every bit of it will be kept,the Feds do not give up powers easily...and the Bluedogs want to keep their seats

Besides He will reassure the masses with his mere presence of his good intentions:)

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