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PICS ES Tailgate vs. Steelers 11/03/08


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Great pics.

It was like I was there.

Sapphire44 and I really missed y'all.

It was very weird to watch a LIVE home game at home on TV.

I am CONVINCED now, that we lost because you 2 weren't there.

Don't let that happen again. :nono:

I know y'all will be there next game! :dallasuck:point2sky

(the rookie did a damn fine job BTW)

Great pics as usual, Cricket. :)

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Ah, thats an easy one....

go back in time before the Redskins owned Extremeskins and donate to keep the place up and running.

See ya when ya get back with your new hat.

Story of my life.:doh:

If the modsquad is watching, pass the word on up, that some of us would like those hats. Just tell them that Dan Snyder will make more profit. ;)

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