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PICS ES Tailgate vs. Steelers 11/03/08


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Its ok. If his name was Scott, then he's my high school prom date. :)

He looks exactly like an older version of Scott.

It could be Scott. My memory is fuzzy....:2drunks:

I sent an email to Chappelle to find out. I will get a confirmation for you.

I am bored. I have the time to do this. :(

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Story of my life.:doh:

If the modsquad is watching, pass the word on up, that some of us would like those hats. Just tell them that Dan Snyder will make more profit. ;)

I'd get one also.

Couple of questions:

1) WTF were all those Steeler fans doing at your tailgate?

2) and who's the guy in the headress?

*I'll see how long it will take for someone to tell me the answer to #2 and blast me for it, when I already know.

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The funny thing is that he posed afterwards flexing like he actually won, :ols:

And to think, I went into that tailgate with full intent on NOT wrestling anyone. Then H_H had to throw down the challenge :mad:, but all was good in the end, as H_H tapped out ;)

All of the Porta-Johns at FedEx COMBINED are less full of ****. :)

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I guess I won't make them anymore ;)

I wouldn't do that. There might be an uprising if you do. I've never had them, but everyone seems to think they're great. If I were you, next time there are any enemies around, offer them a few of your "new secret recipe wings" (that contain massive amounts of ExLax of course:D)

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Ok ... who is this guy. He looks exactly like my high school prom date.

I solved the mystery. His name is Mark, not your Prom date. He grew up in PA, so I guess he is the long lost twin brother of your Prom date.

Frankly, I am relieved...I was concerned you went to Prom with a Steelers fan. :D

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