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Would McCain have defeated Hillary


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Along with it, and based on a lot of what I saw in the tailgate during the primaries, I don't think there would have been nearly the enthusiasm for Hillary from the left as Obama has produced

People are VOTING FOR Obama, not AGAINST McCain

Would people have been VOTING FOR Hillary? Would they have been willing to canvas, and would Hillary have been able to encroach into red territory?

Agreed SHF, I voted FOR Obama today, not against McCain. However, I would not have voted for Hillary if she were the nominee, I probably would not have voted or would have voted 3rd party, but I certainly would not have voted for Hillary nor McCain if they were the nominees. Obama inspired a great many people to vote for him, whereas McCain supporters seem many times to be voting the party rather than the person. <--personal observation of course.

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I could have beaten Hillary. She's a nut job, just like Obama. He's a ****ing Idiot. Wow, that kind of fun to do the same stuff dems have been doing for eight years. Let's try it again. He's a moron. He's a waste of DNA. Even when he makes a good decision we can still spin it around and call him an IDIOT.

...what the hell?

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Having a bad day? This post doesn't sound like you.

It sounds exactly like the Rich from the pit bull thread...

Anyway, I do agree that the election would have been very close with Hillary on the ticket. She would not have been able to expand the map like Obama has. Another thing that I'm we will be hearing about later tonight and tomorrow is the MASSIVE turnout and enthusiasm on the part of African American voters. Clinton would not have been able to come close to the turnout among this demographic that Obama is.

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