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  1. Holy crap! Where is that guy? I think my girlfriend knows him from high school or something. She's been asking me to track him down for the past couple years.
  2. Hey, great thread. I have a quick question for you here. My Volvo just got its VA inspection and it needs new wiper blades and front brake pads. Not new rotors or anything like that. The guy just quoted me 180 for the inspection, blades, and pads- it sounds a little on the high side to me but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?
  3. i know that the video can be found on jmaddy.com in the video section under "redskins country" i'm the second one from the right in the parking lot orphans picture by the way. i was reading the responses to the video on this website and people gave me crap about breaking a bottle over my head. sonny knows we are enthusiastic fun loving fans not idiots. next year i'll smash a couple at the ES tailgate if you guys are lucky. ps disregard the weirdos on that video i dont know them and i wouldnt want to
  4. yea man that was me in the video, i wasn't the one who was acting all mental or anything i was just at the end breaking a bottle, good to hear from you again im looking forward to next year!!!
  5. asking for the time in front of the world's largest clock. love, the parking lot orphan ps yes i broke a bottle over my head for the skins you should too
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