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Updated Prisco Rankings through Week 6


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Seems fair to me.

Its inconsistant. He uses records for some teams and uses judgements on others. The Steelers are not that good and neither are the Cardinals. But the Colts get bumped way up because they trumped the Ravens?

I don't necessarily disagree, but its inconsistent.

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I honestly thought they would drop the Redskins further than that.

Thats because losing to the Rams the way we did was not as bad as many of us are taking it. It seems the media sees it and are writing it off as an abirration.

We need to come out this week and make a statement.

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I hate these power rankings because they are pointless. This isn't college football, NFL teams are not trying to stay high in the rankings so they can play in a BCS game.

Everything is settled on the field in the NFL, so these rankings serve no purpose other than to get people talking.

But all conversation about NFL power rankings should start and end with, who cares? they don't matter.

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