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Seeing as it is election season here in the tailgate, the most important thing is not who is running or what the issues are, but who will endorse whom.

Being one of the kingmakers, powerbrokers, behind the scenes smoky room guys, and having vast influence over other kingmakers, my endorsement is now up for decision.

So those of you running have this thread to tell me what is in it for ME, and my fellow cohorts whose endorsements will follow after I announce my endorsement.

Money? A particular position in the cabinet? Influence for a pet issue of mine?

My endorsement, and influence, is up for sale, err I mean decision

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Well, knowing that Baculus and yourself are closest on ideology, and as acting campaign manager for the one and only ESer to be banned by AnneCouter.com, I extend this offering to you, our good friend.

Your insight, wisdom and uncanny ability to get awesome Capital tickets would be a welcomed addition to the Baculus campaign. Baculus not only offers to save our country and world by returning to the values important to you, but also will bring a common kinship to all of us, the very best of Redskins fans.

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