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after a wild night out in eugene, i lost my digital camera on friday.. perhaps a blessing in disguise as i'm looking for an upgrade (i had a compact olympus stylus 410).. i'd like something smallish that can maybe fit in a pocket but w/fun features and that takes good pics..i'm thinking of this one:


does anyone have any insights?..have firsthand knowledge of the lumix series..or have any other input/feedback?..thanks!


oh, and as always: :dallasuck

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As "point and clicks" go, this is a good camera from what I've read. I've been looking to get something small to go along with the big camera I've got and this one has gotten fairly constantly, good reviews and usually ranks pretty high in cameras of similar capabilities. Good camera for the money for my 2 cents.

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Every camera I've owned has been a Sony. Love every one of them.

And every one, I researched on DigitalCamera-HQ.com, before I bought.

Sounds like you're on the right track.

(Although, every one, what I did was take the reviews to Best Buy, so that I could judge things like how well the controls fit my hand. You can't get "feel" from a web page. But the reviews on that web site told me a lot of things, good and bad, that I wouldn't have figured out until it was too late.)

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The one I got Dad (a few years back) was this one. What I wanted for Dad was fully automatic, and a BIG display. (Dad was losing his eyesight.)

I fooled with it myself (anticipating that Dad would ask me questions about it), and I decided that it was the best hand-fitting camera I've ever used. It's real easy to hold and use.

(I notice now that HQ isn't giving it good grades any more. Apparantly a lot of folks have worn theirs out, but mine's still great. (Hasn't been used much.))

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