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Award for yesterday


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See here's the thing, while I basically believed it was a hoax an April Fools prank, the thought that it could be real and that it affects my budget ergo my money makes it not a laughing matter. I'm not surprised you got the responses you did, and I think it was a VERY foolish thing to do.
foolish being the key word
The fact that some people were ok with paying that fee (Mark aside since he was in on it) really has me scared they would try it. I am online every day at lunch and if that was taken away i don't know what i would do.

:cry: :read: :shot: :jerk:

Who knows

I was not really in on it - I kind of adopted it and embraced it because I knew it all was a ploy. And I knew nobody would suspect me of being in on it because I don't have any connection or loyality to the mods! See - that's what made it so perfect. I was hoping some of the other regs would go along too, but most of them were giving it up instead... Anyways...
I should clarify. I NEVER thought that this site was actually turning into a pay site, and posted a few times to that effect; I'm not that gullible.

The part that fooled me was that I actually believed Mark had turned into a board nazi who was fully supportive of the idea. I was about to start getting into arguments with him about how he could justify his viewpoints. Then I was going to start making fun of him because he fell for the hoax and got outed as a jerk who wanted to get rid of 70% of our members. Then I found out he had been in on it the whole time and realized that, at least in this one aspect of the prank, I had been hooked.

That was why I awarded him my personal first place. Even though the prank failed, Mark was still really convincing playing his part.

Thank-you. :)

And for the record, would I actually be for a fee? For real? HELL NO! What a dumb-ass idea!!!

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Ding. :)

For the record, I this >.< close to posting a direct link to my PayPal account in the bogus press release thread. I'm willing to bet that if I had, I could retire from work today. :)

Retire from work and leave no forwarding adress. :)

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I thought I was great. Probably the best.


That goes without saying :)

More like he hasn't read any of yours until yesterday. :silly:

Probably :)

Actually, I haven't read any, but someone told me they were like that so I just went with it. :D

touche' :kungfu:

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