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The Saunders Factor: What really happened, why Gibbs left, why Williams isn't hired

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I always thought Saunders was a bad hire. In 2005 we fielded the best offense we had since 1999 despite only having very limited weaponry. In both 2006 and 2007, some of our best offensive showings came when we played an offensive style that was more reminiscent of our 2005 style. Joe Gibbs made two glaring mistakes when he came back and the hiring of Sanders was one of them.

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He's been an SOB since the day he bought the team

My Mom used to work for the Redskins. She was JKC's personal secretary. When DanAngelos Snyder bought the team, he sent letters to everyone at Redskins Park that essentially said, "Relax, your job is safe"

Mom still has hers

The day the deal was complete, he came ot Redskins Park. He walked right past everyone without so much as a "**** you". When he was going ot his office, he passed my Mom and another employee, to which he said "Get me a Coke". NEver said another thing

The next day, around lunch, my Mom and the other person that worked in that office were told by the danny, "You're out. You have until 5 o'clock to pack your stuff"

They were escorted out the front door by security

Dickweed. Complete Dickweed

I read about that in the Washington Post. Sorry it had to end that way. It's not right. Were all the separated employees given a compensation severance package at least?

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I doubt how this all played out stated by ASF.

1. I think Gibbs was planning to leave since last spring. He was hoping to leave on a good foot, instead of a 5-11 season.

2. I don't think Snyder has any qualms about firing people. Didn't he fire most of the secretaries when he became owner?

3. Despite going to the playoffs in 2005, the offense still stunk. The defense was mainly carrying the team the past 2 seasons. So, I think Gibbs knew he needed help on offense. Saunders was Gibbs' man with a good recommendation from Williams.

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