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Did Announcing Booth Move ?


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Rosen and Ryan were shown from the upper corner end zone above the Redskins Tunnel...sort of in the end Loge Section. Has the broadcast booth moved ?

Let me begin by stating that I was at the game and not watching the telecast.

That being said, I believe the shot you're referring to may have been in pregame. The clip may have been shown during the game, but it probably wasn't a live shot. Or, the corner endzone background may have been imposed behind the crew in the booth w/ GGI like technology.

I've noticed the same thing this year when watching telecasts from other stadiums, as production crews will use the corner endzone background for a segment or two when showing the announcing crew. I think it's just to give the viewers a perspective of the entire stadium that they wouldn't see if the crew were shown in the dark booth.

Also, the announcing crew always sits on the home side of the stadium and it's tough for a tv camera to pick up the images at a day game when it's on the sunny side of the stadium, shooting across the field and into the shady side.

Just my :2cents: I don't really know for sure.

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