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"Put Up Your Dukes" = Torture


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Have you all seen "Put Up Your Dukes" hosted by Jamie Dukes?

It has to be one of the most annoying sports shows ever. Dukes seems like a 5 year old with A.D.D. the way he keeps moving around. It is annoying how he talks to a t.v. screen while they are showing clips of other interviews. The 'boxing' theme the show is centered around is horrible. He has an argument with his cousin "Big D".... which is just himself pre-recorded in a wig and a LT jersey. I may despise this show as much as I despise "Rome is Burning"

Does anyone hate this show as much as I do?

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He was annoying on Total Access.

Let me ask this though......is it worse than Screamin A. Smith's show?

haha.... i'd have to say yes

even though he's an arrogant elitist, at least steven a. smith has some insider info he will drop every now and then bc apparently every nba star talks to him daily

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I love the NFL network like no other...I literally dont watch anything else. But the Jamie Dukes hour is nothing more than a one-man version of one of the many espn media-delights shows. The best thing about the NFL network is its more of a serious network overall which is what i love. They have a ton of player/coach interviews, they break down offense/defensive strategies, tons of mic'd up footage etc... but this put up you donuts show i can do without. All this guy does is give his 2 cents on the Current Events of the NFL which is the last thing I need with all the other netorks/media out there.

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