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  1. why even bother bringing R.V.D back if your not going to use him but to fill space this is no b card wrestler we are talking about here
  2. that sux dude I know there are some in Richmond but we have like 5 right here in the 757
  3. go to and click on blast areas Bars have been showing WWE PPVS for at least 8 years now
  4. Attention all Hampton Roads Wrestling fans or even if not that hard core listen up I just recieved word that Hometown Heros on Battlefield Blvd will not only be showing Wrestlemania (for A $15.00 Minium tab) But some Legends will be joinging us from 6-10pm who are those said legends you may ask well THEY may not be that big to some younger fans but too me as I grew up in this era it is a big deal yes I am excited but none other than Magnum T.A And Capt Lou Albano will also be in attendance giving away door prizes all night so hope to see ya there
  5. I just heard through a freind a mine so take it for what it is worth but the final inductee into the HOF is none other than the voice of the NWA Gordon Solie it is about time is all i have to say if that is true
  6. did Chase wrestle under a diffrent personia I can not place him for the life of me
  7. Rastling Is Not Fake It Is Real Damit!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. this is off of Matt Hardys my space blog THIS IS MATT HARDY I KNOW FOR A FACT Seeing Jeff’s Tragedy Through My Eyes I was having a pretty standard "gotta fly out early and go to work tomorrow" Friday night. I was washing and packing clothes, booking my rental car, and writing bills to put in the mail on my way to the airport in the morning. Around midnight on Saturday, March 15th, I let my beloved pet dog Lucas outside to use the bathroom. As I stepped outside, I smelled smoke. I walked around to my garage area and could see huge flames burning through the woods. The large flames appeared to be very close to Jeff’s place, about a third of a mile away from my house. My first initial thought was that Jeff was burning either trash or a brush-pile. I then questioned my thought, considering how big the size of the flames looked. For a second, I thought it might be the huge ramp on Jeff’s motocross track or his old recording studio. I quickly jumped in my car, and drove down the back road that connects our two properties. As I pulled around the lake that bordered Jeff’s home, I witnessed a horrific mental image that will always be etched in my mind. I could see over Jeff’s recording studio that and my brother’s home was engulfed in flames. I violently stopped my car, jumped out, and ran towards Jeff’s burning home yelling for my brother at the top of my lungs. My initial fear was that Jeff and Beth were burning to death inside their house. And I was the only person on the scene-I was frantic. I ran onto the front porch, kicked at the flaming front door, yelling for Jeff and Beth. I could only stay there for a second-the temperature of the heat was unbearable, and I couldn’t breath due to the smoke and lack of oxygen. The entire structure was covered in flames. I ran to the other side of Jeff’s place and saw that his car was gone. I internally prayed that Jeff, Beth, and Jack weren’t in there. I didn’t have my cell phone on me because I had left my house in such a panic. I jumped in my car and raced back home to get my phone. About this same time I got into my car, I could hear sirens-signifying that the fire trucks were on their way. I got home and called Jeff. It went straight to voicemail, my heart dropped. I called Beth and she picked up. I hysterically asked if Jeff was there and he was. Jeff and Beth had been out to eat and he was currently getting the Hardy Boyz tattoo on the back of his neck filled in at Shannon’s shop. I frantically explained what was happening and that he had to get there now. The first thing Jeff said was this-"Matt, can you kick down the door and get Jack? Please get Jack Matt!" It was heartbreaking. I told Jeff that it was too late, everything was gone. The fire had destroyed everything. I was already back on the way to Jeff’s burning home as I was getting off the phone with him. By the time I returned to the scene, the fire department was there, and they were fighting the fire. There were fire trucks and police and emergency vehicles everywhere-it looked like a scene out of a movie. When Jeff and Beth finally got there, the shock of reality truly set in on them. I have never felt so bad and helpless and powerless for two people before. It took the fire fighters until almost 4 a.m. to put out the flames. With the exception of the clothes on their bodies, everything that Jeff and Beth owned had been destroyed. But the most tragic lost to them was their beloved dog Jack. Jeff and Beth were crushed. If you’ve ever been extremely close to a pet, you know how painful it is to lose them. It’s like the pet becomes your child. About 5 a.m., Jeff and Beth came to my house-which is now their house for the time being. Neither one of them could even think about sleeping, and they were both still in shock. I made sure that they knew where everything was in my house and how it worked-so they could function independently in my place. I spent some time talking to them, and then finished packing my stuff. I headed to the airport to go to Louisiana about 8 a.m. without any sleep. This was definitely one of the worst days of my life. Five days later, it’s still surreal. It’s still so hard to believe that this has actually happened. I thank God that Jeff and Beth weren’t inside the house asleep. As of right now, it seems the fire was started by electrical wires that had been unknowingly damaged underneath Jeff’s place. There’s so much misinformation out there, I wanted everyone to hear and understand the truth behind this tragedy. As I type this, I hear Jeff upstairs coughing due to being sick. I have never seen my brother as stressed out as he is right now. Jeff is sick because his body is so run down from not sleeping and being stressed out. He needs all of our support now more than ever. Jeff has done so many good things for so many people across the world-now is the time I hope everyone remembers that. The support and help that has been offered courtesy of family, friends, and fans has been amazing. Thank you. Calling, texting, or sending a message to support another human being that has just went through a personal tragedy means alot. It tells so much about a person’s character. In addition, not contacting or showing support also is very telling of a person’s character. I’ve received several thousands of request from people wishing to help Jeff and Beth during their crisis. Speaking for them, we are very thankful for all of you. If you want to help, here’s what I suggest. If you have a good picture of Jeff and Beth together, frame it and send it to me. If you have any extras of Jeff’s old wrestling memorabilia-pictures, action figures, magazines, etc.-send those to me. If you see some clothing that you think would look good on Jeff or Beth, send that to me. Any item that you can think of that are similar to these things-that’s what will be the hardest for them to replace. They’re looking into building a new house now, but all of you could contribute the things that truly build a house into a "home." Anything they would need to complete a new "home"-that’s what Jeff and Beth need now. If you have something to send, send it to.. Jeff Hardy c/o Matt Hardy P.O. Box 713 Vass, NC 28394 That’s all for now. But I will keep you updated on things. Feel free to pass this info on to friends, websites, and anywhere else you choose. To all of you that have shown so much love and support, I eternally thank you. Be well my friends, and take care of each other.. Quote of the day - "If you’ve ever lost a loved one, I pray for you, I really do" - Hurt, House Carpenter Matt
  9. that has been my complaint with them as well AWESOME in ring talent but NOONE not even the WWE rejects have great story lines right now you would think with Vince Russo on the creative team it would be somewhat well uh creative but I was reading somewhere that SPIKE might have alot to do with it they are a viacom company thats why WWE left them and now they are leaving CW because they dont like them to be to edgy so that might be part of the reason who knows
  10. I was at the scope here in Norfolk for TNA Destination X last Sunday and BYE FAR the best match of the night was the three way for the womens title the fans were in it start to finish and for as big as Awesome Kong is she can really move there were alot of HOLY S*** moments in that match
  11. if I would have read the link before I posted I would have known :doh: thanks anyway
  12. Candice Michelle was sent to the hospital after Raw tonight as she was complaining of an injured left clavicle after her tag team match in Lafayette, LA. She was sent in for X-rays. It was the same injury when landing badly off the top rope in a TV match with Beth Phoenix in October that had kept her out of action. this sux for the BUNNY MANIA match BUT I hope that they replace her with Richmmond Vas own Mickie James
  13. I know we had Jim Cornette with the Midnight Express Paul Ellring with the Road Warriors and Teddy Long with Doom but who was Gary Hart the name sounds familiar but I can not remeber who he managed R.I.P Gary Hart
  14. I thought RAW was very well written the other night the Steph and Triple H kiss was funny and did I read to much inn to Hogan when he refrence never say never and he said ooooooooo yeahhhhhhhh ie the mancho man hmmmmm???
  15. the matches are better than the wwe but the writing is not apealing and i think thats whats goin to make or break them
  16. this is why TNA WILLLL never ever ever ever compete with the WWE is Vince Russo still writing this junk Abyss vs. Black Reign in a Shop of Horrors match opens the show. This was ridiculous. We had a barbed wire bat used by Reign within 5:30 of the opener. There was a choke slam by Abyss on Reign off the ramp. There was a pedigree on mouse traps by Reign. Abyss ducked a shot with with Knux and used a black hole slam for the pin. After the match, Abyss unlocked a box and some bodybuilder in a Muta-like mask blew mist in Abyss' eyes and he and Reign beat up Abyss, put him in the box and threw him off the ramp. Then they cut away like nothing had happened. All in the opener and in 15 minutes you pretty much can see 80% of what's wrong with TNA in highlights form. Jeremy Borash tried to talk his way into the limo. No dice. Segment was funny. Team 3-D vs. Motor City Machine Guns is next. Actually a hell of a match. A million near falls including Sabin kicking out of the Doomsday Device. Finish saw Sabin do a walk-up on a table in the corner, and Devon went for a tackle and went through the table. Sabin & Shelley did a double enzuigiri on Ray for the pin. Gail Kim vs. Roxxi Lavaugh vs. Angel Williams vs. ODB for the women's title is up next. Kim won as Lavaugh spit mist into ODB's eyes and Kim pinned ODB after the John Morrison style neckbreaker. They all worked a hard fast-paced match. Didn't have the heat of the first two matches, tho. After the match, Awesome Kong came out to confront Kim but they cut right away to Jeremy Borash and Karen Angle trying to hit on the security. They opened up the limo and it was James Storm and Eric Young both pretending to be drunk. Storm thought Karen Angle was going to prom because of how she was dressed. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt for the X title is up next. Lethal won with the Lethal combination and an elbow off the top rope. Some great athletic stuff by both guys. They hugged after. Crowd was into the moves but match itself didn't have great heat. Lethal brought SoCal Val in to be the new Elizabeth. Team 3-D came out to attack both. They whipped both with belts and cornered Val. 3-D on Dutt & Lethal after the match. Ray stole the X Division title belt and left. Tomko & A.J. Styles vs. Steiners for the tag titles are up next. During a ref bump, Styles hit Rick with a low blow and followed with a chair shot to the head for the pin. Nothing special. It was about as good as you're going to get out of the Steiners right now. Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode is up next. Joe blocked the payoff and used the muscle buster for the pin. Good match, but they killed the live crowd by having Ms. Brooks get injured with a mystery bump. Yep, she was at ringside and then suddenly she was on the ground and EMTs were everywhere. The last few minutes dragged because of the crowd's divided focus. Christian Cage vs. Kaz in a ladder match for the top contendership is next. Excellent match. Kaz even won. Some sick ladder spots including Christian doing a plancha onto Kaz on a ladder between the apron and guard rail and the ladder didn't even bend. Kaz missed a legdrop off the top of a ladder and landed onto a ladder. Christian was busted over the left eye early on. The contract actually fell to the floor so they had to rule that you had to get the clipboard. Thankfully the clipboard stayed up or it would have messed up the finish. Christian was about to win when Styles & Tomko came out. Christian had told them not to come out. He was distracted and yelled at them, which gave Kaz a chance to climb up. The ladder tipped over and Christian took a big bump over the top rope onto Styles & Tomko. Kaz landed with his feet on the top rope, holding onto the ladder. He then climbed up, grabbed the clipboard to win. James Storm passed out, thus losing the drinking contest to Eric Young. Young left with Storm's TNA drinking championship. Sting & Booker vs. Nash & Angle is up next. They milked the Booker T announcement forever. Booker got the reaction you'd expect early. The match had good heat, not great. The finish saw Sharmell attack Karen Angle when Karen distracted the ref, so Sharmell is part of the act here. Styles & Tomko came out to help Kurt, which is appearently a deal Karen came up with, and Christian didn't know about. Styles was supposed to do a springboard move on Sting and slipped off the ropes near the finish. It ended up with Styles giving Angle the belt. Angle hit Nash with a belt shot as Nash was setting up giving Sting a power bomb. Then Angle gave Sting an Olympic slam, and brought Rudy Charles in for the pin.
  17. Stings Mystery Partner Is Are Ya Ready Wait For It Wait Wait Booker T
  18. how the mighty Hulk Hogan get Nick out of this one [breaking News] Nick Hogan Arrested for Car Crash From CLEARWATER - More than two months after speeding through the streets of Clearwater, Nick Bollea -- better known to some as Nick Hogan, the son of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan -- has been arrested in connection with the violent crash that left a passenger fighting for his life. It was back on August 26 when Nick's yellow Toyota Supra veered out of control and slammed backwards into a palm tree on Court Street in Clearwater. The year-old was not badly hurt, but passenger John Graziano -- a 22-year-old Marine combat veteran -- had to be cut from the car and remains hospitalized. Wednesday, Clearwater police issued a warrant for Nick on felony charges of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury. He turned himself in just before 10 a.m. In the days after the accident, officers and witnesses both told FOX 13 that speed seemed to be a factor in the crash. But detectives took their time conducting the investigation, and the state attorney's office did not file charges until now. This morning's arrest report included new details about the crash. Detectives believe Nick was racing a second vehicle before the crash at speeds of over 60 mph though the 40-mph zone, which was wet from recent rains. While investigators concluded that the actions of the other car's driver were not a contributing factor in the crash, that driver, Daniel Jacobs, is being issued a summons to appear in court for reckless driving charges. Police also cited Nick for having a blood alcohol level of .02 or higher. Any BAC above 0.00 would be illegal for the 17-year-old. The allegations of racing, even before today's arrest, were not a surprise to those who knew Nick as a racer who enjoyed drifting, a style of driving that involves high-speed skidding and sliding. Nick talked about his need for speed in a pre-crash interview with Rides Magazine. He described a trip from Miami to Tampa during which he was pulled over three times for driving over 100 miles an hour, though he was not actually cited until the third time. In April, Nick was ticketed for speeding 107 mph in Osceola County. And two weeks before the Clearwater crash, Nick was pulled over in Pinellas Park. Officers scolded him for driving 82 in a 45-mph zone. At the time of the crash, Nick was driving with a restricted license that only allowed him to drive during the day. Graziano, a former member of Nick's racing pit crew, was in the passenger seat but not wearing a seat belt. In a post-arrest statement released through a showbiz rep, the Bollea family reiterated that fact. "The tragedy to both families is compounded by the fact that unfortunately John was not wearing his seatbelt," the statement to said. "Thankfully, Nick was wearing his. Because of what happened to John, the entire Bollea family will make it a priority to increase public awareness about the importance of always wearing your seatbelt." Through their attorney, the Graziano family has said they are considering a lawsuit against the Bolleas. John is said to have suffered severe brain injuries and will likely require specialized care for the rest of his life.
  19. I belive you are in the minority I actually like when they go old school because this junk they got goin now is not even funny it was a riot back then and still is in my opion
  20. I would have to go with the match between Yokozuna beatin Bret Hart for the title at WM9 and then Hulk Hogan was Challeged by Mr Fuji then won the title all in one night
  21. all these years i have been waiting for a nip shot in wrestling and it was FREAKING BEAST WOMEN :doh:
  22. i am glad i missed raw last night from what it looks like they are back at there anti foot ball gimicks they must know bye now that NOONE wants to see anon wrestler get his ass beat down especially bye some one who is SPOSE to be suspended what is up with that any way
  23. I doubt VEY SERIOUSLY that this is true but it is kinda funny Cryme Tyme fired for selling WCW by Wrestling Professor Cryme Tyme Fired for Selling WCW Former WWE Rival Fetches 61 Cents from Ringside Fan Cryme September 3, 2007 BOSTON, MA -- Cryme Tyme, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) tag team known for auctioning off items during WWE's television programs, was fired Monday for selling World Championship Wrestling (WCW) for a sum of 61 cents. The sale, and firing, are effective immediately. Following Monday's taping of Monday Night RAW in Boston, Cryme Tyme team members JTG and Shad Gaspard returned to the ring and made the sale to a 21-year-old fan in the front row who declined to be identified. Terms of the sale include all WCW assets, rights, liabilities, copyrights, and the entire video library. "We need some of that money, money, yeah, yeah," said a monotonous Linda McMahon from the post-sale locker room scene. "That thing (WCW) had been on sale for months, with no real takers. Still, Cryme Tyme had no authorization to sell it without stockholder approval. An asking price of 61 cents is an absolute insult; we feel it’s worth at least two dollars." The McMahon family's take of the sale comes out to 31 cents, with Cryme Tyme retaining 30 cents, which it is believed will be split up among the team evenly. McMahon said the WWE Human Resources department is looking into withholding the 30 cents as part of the employment termination process with Cryme Tyme. The actual scene, not recorded to television, was reported to have been uneventful. Attendees in the front row who initially passed on the sale included Ted Turner (who declined their offer of $2.50), Mark Cuban (who declined an offer of $1.25), Eric Bischoff (75 cents), and current Total Nonstop Action (TNA) owner Bob Carter (70 cents). The final offer to the winner was actually 65 cents, but JTG and Gaspard each kicked in two cents. It was said the winner accepted the money terms begrudgingly. Bischoff, who grew WCW to a company that earned over $80 million in profit in its best year, seemed saddened at the sale. In the Monday Night Wars DVD, Bischoff is shown saying WCW was worth "Twenty bucks" without a TV deal. As it turned out, it ended up being worth roughly 3% of $20, and even then, the sum of 61 cents was said to have been overpriced. Nevertheless, the winner seemed optimistic. "It's more than what my investors (points to his parents) wanted to pay, but we figure it can fetch at least a buck on eBay, meaning we'd pocket at least a 60% return on investment." WCW had been devalued over the years, experts say, by bad booking, lack of TV exposure, and a hot-selling book called Death of WCW that chronicled the rise and fall of the once legendary wrestling promotion. The McMahons are believed to have paid less than $5 million for WCW in 2001, which at the time was termed a "fire sale" in terms of the bargain basement price. Now, six years later, it had become a laughing stock, and evidently, a penny stock. Cryme Tyme had unsuccessfully attempted to sell WCW on previous occasions, but even in Atlanta, there were no real takers. Negotiations were ongoing at one point for an investor in Georgia who had expressed interest, but the deal fell apart when they couldn't come up with the $3 purchase price. At that point, Cryme Tyme pulled the deal off the table, believing (incorrectly) they could get $5 or more if they pitched the company in the Carolinas. Bob Carter, who owns a wrestling promotion called TNA, said the video library could have been an asset to TNA, but the asking price wasn't worth the risk. "We have lots of contracted performers who worked for WCW in the dying days, and some of our bookers also worked there and were responsible for its demise," he said shortly after the WCW sale was made. "But we're losing millions of dollars a month with TNA, and felt that a 61-cent investment in it (the video footage) was not going to change that. In the end, we passed on the offer. If it's for sale again at a lower price, we might reconsider." Ted Turner noted to his ringside friends that he would've been interested had he known what it (WCW) was that the tag team was offering for sale. When told it was a company he had owned previously, Turner refused to believe it and just laughed. He then asked the man five seats away from him to get him a cup of coffee, not realizing it was his former Vice President, Eric Bischoff. Jason Hervey, seated next to Bischoff, was said to have been extremely interested in buying WCW. He was reportedly jumping up and down with his hands in the air, waving fistfuls of $20 bills. When asked about this later, Cryme Tyme said they could not see Hervey because they were looking straight ahead at eye level, and thus not able to see a man of Hervey's height.
  24. the first one was actually on the race track while he was drifting this one was he was being an idiot on a public highway I like the kid but Hogan needs to be a lot more tougher on this kid hes going to be lucky if he his passenger survives