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Making even Larry and Bram seem smart.


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It's a daunting thing I propose in the subject, but, we're finally back to providing you the opportunity to make just such a thing happen. Redskins Lunch is the daily show on XXX radio where Larry and Bram struggle desperately to show half my charm and charisma -- angling for my own portion of the show, to be sure.

Every week they will answer your questions.

Here's the Redskins Lunch forum:


Please ask your questions for Friday's show in the following thread:


Feel free to ask just about anything you want. We're not that picky :).

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there is podcast links on the Triple X espn radio page...and i think they changed the show's name to Redskins Radio (they mentioned something about it on the show last week).

Link to the podcasts


its on the lower left hand side...if you cant listen on the website you can seem to always listen here or i have better success with it.

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Hey guys, with all of the hype about the Redskins 75th Anniversary, do you expect the Skins to whip out any old school uniforms this year, such as the one with the yellow helmets with the R logo? Also, don't you guys get tired of seeing the same old uniforms day in and day out?:snore: I figured that they would come up with a new alternate uniform such as burgundy on burgundy or a black top and burgundy bottom.

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