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After over 3 Years, my 1500th Post

Commander Adama

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Some people like to come in and read, other's like to post. I hear alot of people complain about Quality over Quanitity. You can have both. I love to come in here and post alot. I joined a year and a half ago and didn't start posting until March 06. I feel that there are also alot of people in here that post quality with quantity and I feel I'm one of them. Isn't that the basic idea of this website? To post? Or am I wrong, should I just read and wave hello?

So, here's to 1500 more.

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I know for a lot of people 1500 is nothing, but after 3 years I think it is big for me. I just want to say: I love this forum! You guys rock!

Heres to another 3 years and 1500 posts!



cool enough. congrats!

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I have been here a year plus, and aside from when I have had way too much to drink, (Check my last started thread as a quality example) I tend to keep my mouth shut. But I really admire you go getters and this seemed like a good time to add another notch to my "benchwarmer" status.

I dont know but Ive been told, cowboy tang is mighty cold.

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