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Boris Yeltsin Dead


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Breaking news ....


Boris Yeltsin has died, Kremlin announces

Former Russian president led country after Soviet Union breakup

MOSCOW - Former President Boris Yeltsin, who engineered the final collapse of the Soviet Union and pushed Russia to embrace democracy and a market economy, has died, a Kremlin official said Monday. He was 76.

Kremlin spokesman Alexander Smirnov confirmed Yeltsin's death, but gave no cause or further information.

A Communist Party leader in Ekaterinburg and later Moscow during the Soviet Union, Yeltsin became president of Russia in 1991.

Although Yeltsin initially was admired abroad for his defiance of the monolithic social system, many Russians will remember him mostly for presiding over the steep decline of their nation.

He was a contradictory figure, rocketing to popularity in the Communist era on pledges to fight corruption — but proving unable, or unwilling, to prevent the looting of state industry as it moved into private hands during his nine years as Russia's first freely elected president.

Followed by Putin

He also led Russia into a humiliating war against separatist rebels in Chechnya that ended with Russia's pullout.

Yeltsin, who suffered from severe heart problems during his time in office, resigned on New Year's Eve 1999, several months before his term was to end.

His prime minister, Vladimir Putin, became acting president and was elected to the post in the spring.

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I think failing health led to his retirement 8 years ago (he came to Britain for heart surgery at least once iirc). He hasnt been a well man in recent years so I guess this isnt really a massive surprise.

I cant say I feel anything really, he wasnt as bad as what Putin appears to be but he wasnt all that good as a president either.

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By the way, I'm amazed how fast Wiki is at updating their pages:

Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin (Russian: Бори́с Никола́евич Е́льцин (help·info)) (February 1, 1931 – April 23, 2007[1]) was the first President of the Russian Federation from 1991 to 1999. The Yeltsin era was a dramatic period in Russian history — a period marked by revolutionary political change, restoration of democracy - together with enormous political and social problems, one of them being open widespread corruption.


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Yes. Google "Podolski Nazi Salute" and see what you get.

This is what he did after he scored a penalty against Argentina in the World Cup in Germany:


A lot of people say "but it's the wrong hand...the Nazi salute is with the right". And also: "but his origins are Polish".

But it does seem very suspicious considering this is his usual celebratery gesture:

either the fists:


Or if he's pointing to the crowd either the finger:


or very rarely the thumb:


So that salute did look a bit suspicious coming as it was where the World Cup was being hosted in Germany, plus the nationalistic furore going on at the time in the media etc.


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One of the biggest mistakes we made post Cold War was not helping Russia more in their quest for democracy. We would have had a hell of an ally, especially today
And more oil than we could handle. Siberia is full of crude from what I've heard.
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