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Will The Skins Resign Vincent


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yeah, he became the new president of the nfl players association i think.

I think he's been the President for a few years now, I think he was recently re-elected.

Also in regards to bringing him back, he asked for his release so that he could pursue an opportunity for more playing time. Obviously that hasn't happened yet, but I don't think he wants to come back here and compete with so many younger guys for a roster spot. He also is a big time leader on defense and felt that we had that leadership presence here already and that he didn't fit. He'll probably land somewhere after the draft when teams realize that they need some help at safety.

He's a solid veteran and a great leader and will certianly catch on somewhere.

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Troy Vincent is done. I had the fortune to run into him at my son's handball (handball as in soccer but using your hands to advance the ball) tournament last weekend (his son plays on his elementary school's team). I recognized him, shook his hand, and told him I always admired his career and wish he'd stayed with the Skins longer. He didn't hesitate one iota in shaking his head and saying "no, time for me to move on." He left no doubt that he was through playing.

It was a very nice brief conversation. We were both there to watch our sons so I didn't want to take too much of his time (his son was probably the best player out of all 8 or so schools that participated), but he took a minute to ask me about my family which I thought was really cool.

Interesting side note - he was wearing a Buffalo Bills long sleeve shirt.



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Everybody be easy on Troy Vincent, let us not forget how he won the cowboys game for us. Im not saying resign him, Im just saying lets go easy on the old vet.

Easy on the sensitivity. ;) I don't think anyone said anything that is wrong or untrue. I thank him for the Cowboys but its true, he's old and done.:D

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here's a cool article about him......doubt he'll be back


PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Troy Vincent's next role may leave him a legacy far greater than anything he ever achieved as a Pro Bowl defensive back.

Like a preacher leading a revival, Vincent is readying his followers for a change.

On this particular night, Vincent was reaching out to fathers and their mostly grade school sons about the importance of personal accountability, a devotion to the community and never using a deprived background or broken family as a reason to give up.

"No excuses," he tells the group.

Vincent could have easily made the same speech to his some of his fellow NFL brethren. And has.

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With the signing of Stoutmire Vincent is almost certainly done with the Skins. I thought he was a solid veteran addition and it was said he instantly became one of the leaders of the team once we got him. Of course the blocked FG against the Cowboys wasn't too shabby either.

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