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  1. i dont think that link works, at least not for me. Can you just post it please?
  2. haha. I just dont get the double standard that seems to be happening.Vick had 2 run ins with the law this year and flicked off his own fans during a game. Yet he is still a poster boy.
  3. Good we agree on the overseas stuff. The pacman thing is fine, but if that is how it is, i dont want to see a double standard and have Tank Johnson get less. The man had a much more serve crime and was actually found guilty. Why is Mike Vick not out for at least a game or 2?
  4. Goodell is on a power trip, full of horrible ideas and double standards. 1. 17 game NFL schedule...forget all the modern records, dont worry about another game for players to get hurt, dont worry about the superbowl being pushed back untill almost march. 2. One game per team overseas....Wow is the object to put the best product on the field or to just make as much money as possible. Having teams travel across the ocean to play a football game infront of fans who dont care about either team. Its the NFL not the WFL. NFL Europe loses money. The NFL makes enough money to make everyone inv
  5. This is a pretty comical thread, so i got no pics to add
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