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If we do not win the division, who do you want to win the division


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I will always love Arrington, regardless of anything stupid he says. I also look at pierce and I think what a pointless waste by our front office.

For those 2 reasons alone, (and cause Tiki is a class act) I say Giants. I don't hate McNabb, but I hate the Eagles and I think it's hilarious they've never gone all the way (so I hope that continues). Dallas winning would be the absolute worst

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I've always been a huge fan of McNabb from back in his Syracuse days. I read a lot about his offseason work ethic and how he trains in Arizona. He's a class act. He got boo'd by the stupid Philly fans on draft day and used it as motivation to propel his career. You can't not like a guy like McNabb. Unless it's Sunday and the Redskins are playing him. Then, he sucks.

So yah, the Eagles

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While I do give McNaab props for throwing a TD pass immediately after throwing up his chunky soup from heat exhaustion, I hate Eagles fans and refer to their stadium as "the heart of evil" anytime I see it. Also, if we have to go down, Dallas MUST go down with us.

That leaves the Giants whom I have a degree of respect for. This comes from the fact that our series almost always goes 1-1 and their fans are usually the least annoying to deal with for me.

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