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Who is Portis' backup?


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Who is Portis backup or does Washington consider using a third down back? Considering Portis size, it's very uncommon for RBs to consistantly carry such a heavy load without at least a third down back in the mix. The only small RB I've seen consistantly drop several consecutive 1,000+ yard seasons was Tiki Barber and the best being Curtis Martin. Warrick Dunn had a few but never had more than 2 consecutive. Brian Westbrook couldn't do it either. Most full time backs weight in closer to 220 or better.

Can Portis maintain his production while consistantly taking excessive punishment from much larger linemen, line backers, and safeties? (strong safeties getting up to 230lbs) Or is there a third down back in his future to help offset some of that punishment?

Here is a list of current and former high profile running backs, their weight and their 1k rushing season / years played.

  • Shaun Alexander: 225 - (5) 1000+ yards seasons in 6 years
  • Ahman Green: 218 - (5) 1000+ yards seasons in 8 years
  • LaDainian Tomlinson: 221 - (5) 1000+ yards seasons in 5 years
  • Emmit Smith: 220 - (11) 1000+ yards seasons in 14 years
  • Larry Johnson: 230 - (1) 1000+ yards seasons in 3 years
  • Edherrin James: 220 - (5) 1000+ yards seasons in 7 years
  • Jamal Lewis: 245 - (4) 1000+ yards seasons in 6 years (missed entire 2001 season)
  • Clinton Portis: 205 - (4) 1000+ yards seasons in 4 years
  • Brian Westbrook: 203 - (0) 1000+ yards seasons in 4 years
  • Tiki Barber: 200 - (5) 1000+ yards seasons in 9 years
  • Curtis Martin: 210 - (10) 1000+ yards seasons in 11 years
  • Warrick Dunn: 180 - (4) 1000+ yards seasons in 9 years

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Its Betts then Cartright.[\QUOTE]

I'm not entirely sure about that. Personally, I love Cartwright. But I've heard so much about Lumsden that I don't know who our 3rd RB will end up being. My guess is Lumsden as 3rd RB, and Cartwright as 2nd FB(if it takes us keeping 2 FB's on the roster to keep Rock, I think that is worth it).

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Betts is sick. i think the Skins have a chance of having two 1000 yard rushers in Saunders' system. This most likely wont happen because portis will get the ball a lot mmore than betts, but if they both got the same amount of carries, they're both capable of having 1000 yard seasons. i think betts could start anywhere in the league.

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I'm pretty sure that Al Saunders has been quoted as really liking Betts and that he plans to involve him alot more into the offense, which is definitely a good thing. Portis will not get run into the ground this year.

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Oh, then maybe the Skins should find another backup RB...:laugh:

Honestly, since you don't seem to know, he was the only good draft pick to come of Spurrier, a second rounder no less. You'll learn all of this when you watch the games this year, though if you watched last year, you should already know this.:doh:

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Ok - major strike for not knowing that Betts is Portis' backup - not sure where you've been for 3 years? BUT, I do agree that the team and Portis would benefit from more use of other backs. Portis has a great future, but lets try to make it last as long as possible.....I liked hearing Saunders say that he would like to use Betts more - maybe we can get another 5 solid years out of Portis....

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