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Which Player Are You Most Eager To See In '06?


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It's so hard to pick. I am eager to see our entire offense under Saunders' direction.

Offense - Brandon Lloyd. I can't what to see what he's capable of in a real offense with a QB.

Defense - Andre Carter. If he can prove to be a true pass rusher, so much will open up for our D. No more double teams on Griff. Our secondary can be more aggressive. We will be scary if he can get pressure.

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Offense- Brunell. I just think with all these weapons he should look like he did in Jacksonville. Also, Randle El on punt returns, its been awhile since we've had a good one back there.

Defense- Carter, but more so the whole D Line. I expect Griffin to get double digit sacks this year at tackle. Also, Taylor should be a monster with the additional pass rush.

Around the League

Saints- Reggie Bush and Brees. It would be great if NO got back on their feet.

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I no the poll said player but I would reallly like to see our entire D-Line take to the next level.....Generate a consistent & fearfull pass rush & stop the run....

If this can happen we will have a greater percetage of winning the Super Bowl.....

Notice I said Super Bowl......

The time is now....!

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I've yet to share my opinion despite starting this thread, so...

My choice is Andre Carter. I don't think enough credit is given to being able to generate a solid and consistent pass rush without blitzing. If he can put up the kind of production of a guy like Reggie Hayward, it'll mean big things for the defense. On top of that, if he's playing to potential, Griffin's job is easier and Daniels' career is lengthened. This team has lacked a stud DE for a long time, hopefully he can be one.

Also, off topic, but Kenard Lang is playing LB now for the Broncos....strange.

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Portis. Dropped back to his natural fighting weight in an offense that'll let him produce the way he's comfortable producing. Imagine if a team-record setting season is you playing out of your comfort zone...

Nuff said. Especially when you consider it took him almost half of the season to adjust to the extra weight(stumbling and fallen when no one touched him) and he was still able to set the single season mark. I get a smile on my face everytime I think about what he could do at the smaller playing size.

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