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World Cup Quarterfinals


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Germany wins in PK 4-2 wow what a game, great game

the german keeper was great during the PK's

yea, that keeper was psychic or something cause he kept diving to the side that every player kicked to even though they scored on some of those. it sucks that argentina's starting goalie couldn't play for the PKs.

did you guys see the fight that was about to break out on the field? i don't know if they showed it on ESPN but i was watching Univision (i'm not hispanic, i just love it when they say "GGGOOOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!!") and they showed a fight that was about to break out between the players i think.

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Argentina choked huge during the penalty kick phase. The first save occured when Cruz basically rolled the ball to the german keeper.

The Argentinians were gassed....it came down to conditioning. I can't believe they were not fit; this is the world cup for crying out loud!! I was kinda routing for the Argentinians, but I'm part German, so I was kinda routing for them as well. :whoknows: :laugh:

The fight was awesome...I was hoping it would go to blows. That would pump up the entertainment value of soccer a little bit! :D

Anyone have any predictions for the Italy/Ukraine match? I'm pulling for the Ukes, and predict Schenkov gets the hat trick in a 7-0 victory. I know very little about soccer, however, so take that for what its worth. :silly:

Seriously though, I think the Ukes pull it off 2-1, with Schenkov scoring the game winner in the 88th minute.

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It did goto to blows. I saw atleast 3 punchs thrown. I think they were saying it started between a German coach and an Argentinian player.

Was this after the game? I saw the pushing and shoving during the first half of overtime. But I had to return to work during overtime halftime. :mad:

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Lehmann has always been good at saving penalties, my own theory is he watches the players eyes then dives rather than the traditional just pick a side to dive to.

Starting to get nervous about the match against Portugal especially with G Neville supposedly going to start!

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