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WT: Redskins ready to make moves


Which of the following will shock you the most?  

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  1. 1. Which of the following will shock you the most?

    • Culpepper is going to the skins,but we just don't know this yet!
    • TO signs with the skins via trade or in FA...
    • Redskins actually draft a DE/DT in the 2nd round..
    • Brett Favre Retires...
    • Sean Taylor does no jail time..
    • Jason Campbell Starts as the opening day QB...
    • Lavar Arrington Retires...

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Redskins ready to make moves

By Ryan O'Halloran


March 10, 2006

With the new collective bargaining agreement approved, the 2006 salary cap in place, and free agency set to begin at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow, the Washington Redskins' decision makers finally can begin implementing their offseason game plan.

The salary cap has increased from $94.5 million to $102 million, which undoubtedly helps the Redskins, who started the offseason with nearly $115 million committed to salaries. It's unclear, though, how much freedom the team will have.

Cornerback Walt Harris, safety Matt Bowen, defensive tackle Brandon Noble, center Cory Raymer and punter Tom Tupa are expected to be released today. Those moves plus LaVar Arrington's release and cutting kicker John Hall and receiver Taylor Jacobs would save $13.715 million.

But that doesn't put the Redskins in spending-spree position. Tendering restricted free agent offensive lineman Derrick Dockery, linebacker Chris Clemons and defensive back Ade Jimoh costs a combined $2.136 million.

Translation: The Redskins still have to restructure the contracts of some veterans to get under the cap and free up enough money to pursue free agents and sign draft picks.

Most of the restructuring the Redskins did over the past two weeks was contingent on a new collective bargaining agreement not being finalized. It's unknown how many veterans have been or will be asked to rework their contracts with the new cap in place.

Further cap relief will be produced by a possible Patrick Ramsey trade. Ramsey continued his job hunt yesterday in Detroit and will next travel to Miami.

At last month's NFL Scouting Combine, coach Joe Gibbs said the team that adjusts best will have an advantage.

"You're never going to have a sitting target," he said. "Things are changing rapidly. In times of the biggest change, I've always looked at it as, if you can keep your head and be the smartest at handling [the changes], you may get a jump on everybody else."

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"You're never going to have a sitting target," he said. "Things are changing rapidly. In times of the biggest change, I've always looked at it as, if you can keep your head and be the smartest at handling [the changes], you may get a jump on everybody else."[/Quote]

This man gets it! I am so glad he is the voice of this franchise. Without Joe Gibbs I am not so sure where this franshise would be today. We probably could have been involved with that fictitious word. "cap hell."

I really do believe that our NEEDS are not as many as people may think. I am sure we can all agree that the lack of depth in key positions killed us in the playoffs. Not having that guy to compliment Moss, killed us. Being unable to put pressure on Hasselbeck via pass rush, killed us.

Reading this board the past couple of days I am not sure we, as a whole, can agree on what the Redskins needs are and what our wants are. Randel El, T.O, and Javon Walker to name a few are wishes and dreams, not necessities! I am more concerned with our QB situation then I am with our WR or even DE. Patten can get it done, most will agree with me there. It all comes down to, will Mark or Jason be able to find him when he is open and give him the ball? We should though, look for a taller, position-like receiver to take some pressure of Cooley on 3rd downs. Kind of like a Rod Gardner only someone who can indeed.. catch. :laugh:

Daniels is a lock at end as well as Wynn. We need depth there, which is obvious but we do not need someone to come in a start at that position (i.e John Abraham.) We should be able to find the depth at DE we need in the draft.

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Yeah while i would def like to have Javon Walker and Santana Moss, Ive always liked Joe Jurivicious (spelling?) and he would come cheaper. When he played for the Giants he always had good games against us and when i have seen him on the big stage he runs excellent routes, catches the ball, and is very capable of making a big play when his team needs one. Only problem with Walker and Joe are both have had recent injuries.

Also the above article says ramsey continued his job hunt in detriot, while the New York article said he put his visits on hold. Wonder if the WT article was written before the news came out of NY.

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Now wait, this isn't making sense. As of yesterday we were approximately $7m over the cap. If we cut the people listed above(including the $2m+ we lose for keeping the others), we clear another $13.5m, putting us about $6.5m below the cap. If we still restructure after that, we'd be WAY under. But where are they getting the fact that they'd have to restructure just to get under from?

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The way I see it......

1. We need at least 2 WR's a #2 and a #3-4 (Thrash can switch depending on play call). One needs to be a real "hands" and/or size guy.

2. Corner depth.....many are talking DE,LB and other positions but unless you want to see stoutmeyer, prioleau or Jimoh as the #1 or #2 CB at one point (BTW they did good jobs filing in spots but we don't want #3-#4 CBs and safties playing CB every play) b/c Rogers and Springs are injury prone.....Corner has to be a TOP priority, especially since Harris will be gone as well.

3. Punter- We found out last year WHY punters are actually important, has to be somebody out there that can punt better than Frost but isn't a million years old (or as expensive) as Tupa.

4. Kicker- same as #3, also see the Seattle game. Need a Kicker who can get the ball to the goal line or better on KO's and can hit 40+ FGs regularly. Vanderjact maybe?

5. O-Line: No depth means Corey Raymer at guard. Clearly we need at least 2-3 back-up guys since most are being cut or have retired. A guy who could be also a back up TE (good hands) might be good.

6. TE- obviously an upgrade would be nice, even though I like Royal.......his ablities are limited at times.

7. DE- Situational pass rusher (like when we had ND Kalu) would be good to spot for Wynn specifically.

8. QB- another vet just to provide experience if Brunell goes down and Campbell is still maturing.

9. LB- not as worried about this as many here. Williams have turned 2 lifetime backups (Marshall, Pierce) into solid starters. Clemons has become an excellent 3rd down LB and possibly more. McCune still has some potential to be a solid OLB.....depth mostly to replace Lavar or bring in somebody else if the current group can't do it.

10. Saftey- depth mostly. Resign Clark and have a replacement (if there is any) for Taylor if he is convicted ( I doubt it, but you never know).

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As I said before, and as I will say again, Enforcer, when you see facts and figures like this in almost any article, ignore them. About half of them are just, wrong. Thats why 2 writers for the post can write an article in the same day and list different figures in both, they just dont know what they are talking about, and dont take the time to research it.

For instance, he makes no mention of the turning of bonus money into guarunteed money, saving a tad over 10 mill.

As another example, he ignores the fact we no longer have 6 mill worth of LTBE incentives counting against the cap(only if the CBA wasnt extended), which drops our cap number to 109(hence the 7 mill over you read about in another story).

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