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My 5000th Post


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Thanks for the kind words all! It is nice to be inducted into the Ring of Fame and I have chosen the Great Art Monk as my Avatar but it would be nice if we could have a Charles Mann Avatar for the Ring of Famers. :silly:

Here are some pics through out the years with myself and members of Extemeskins through the past few years


Chris Cooley's dad who tailgated with us before the playoff game!

great pic

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Congrats Fuji! Very classy post to celebrate your 5000. You've always been a great guy on the site. :cheers:

This next season we're gonna have an extremeskins PNW Faction bash. Stay in shape :D

:point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky

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I would like to dedicated my 5000th post to the late Stratoman.

For those of you who remember Stratoman was a member of Extremeksins who passed away in February 2004. Strat was a good friend of mine whom I meet when I lived in Denver. We suffered through the 97 and 98 Seasons together. I kept im touch with him after I left Denver in April 1999 and we spoke regularly on the phone. He told me of Extremeskins.com in the Summer of 2001 and without him I probably would not have never had as much fun celebrating after a big win or venting after a tuff loss.

I remember my first post was a QB Controversy Between Jeff George and Tony Banks in the 01 Preseason. I got jumped on by the vets on the board but I stood my ground pointing out that what is Redskin Football without a QB Controversy. Strat and some of the other members came to my aid though!

I found out about the attacks on 9-11 through Extremeskins and have printed out the post.

I have meet many of you in person at games, in the Seattle Area or even North of the Border. This site has been a blessing the past 5 years and I have visited it almost daily. We are a one of the NFL's Premier Fan Bases and I am proud to be a part of it. :thumbsup:


Thank you Bruce! :cheers:


In memory of Stratoman

i was going to post something smart-azzed like you had too much time on your hands until i saw the content of your message.. instead, here's a shout out to you and your friend..

may the next 5,000 flow even more easily and may you be blessed with wisdom that you share with the rest of us poor fools....

as a recent settler in washington state (east of the cascades) i can only say there are a lot of really nice people up here.



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Congrats Fuji, and it is especially cool to see you dedicate this to your friend Strat. I'd say that's some more of that "team spirit" we see mentioned elsewhere and just one more entry on the list of "Why I Am Proud to be a Skins Fan" :applause:

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