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Random Thought Thread


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All this talk about sex got me thinking. Someone should start a thread in the same vein as Tarhog's "Show Yourselves" and make one entitled "Show Your Significant Others" :)

Then do it. :) I'm interested to see what this girl that lets an Eagle fan have his way with her looks like.

:smooch: :hump: :hump:

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:hump: :hump:

Just had to see it again...

And yes MH...you did make this popular! (The bourbon helped too...well me at least....)

For parents:

Isn't nap time just great...especially when you can get both of your children to nap at the same time?

On the other hand, when they decide they don't want to nap and get grumpy...it can be pure hell!

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The english ! How else would they read the news in the morning :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

My current random thought

Wonder if the promised simpsons movie will be as good as the tv programme ?

I wouldn't count on it.

I have class at 3, and the Orioles game starts at 3:05. I'm going to miss the first hour of the Orioles 2006 season, and that upsets me.

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its only 2:00, you think anyone would notice if i left the office now??
I won't tell if you don't tell on me when i dip at 4, deal?


I wish i could just leave now, but everyone is getting back from lunch, i think its too risky! But 4:00, im down if you are(out of context thread here this comes)

Man....it is nice to not have to work today!! Such a beautiful day too... :D

(Although I have to work 24 hours tomorrow into an 8 hour shift on Weds..... :( )

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