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2005 Redskins Final Season Review (courtesy of the Washington Redskins)


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Very, very cool. This will certainly help to pass the offseason......

In reading the player bios I found it interesting (because for some reason I like to know stuff like this) that the majority of our players came from the SEC Conference. We have 5-6 players from Georgia alone.

I don't knwo why I felt the need to point that out- but I noticed so there it is.

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Awesome stuff Tarhog. :notworthy

Man our special teams really took a step up. Longest punt return allowed all season was 19 yds.

Khary Campbell was a ST's monster. Need to bring him back.

Some Cool Stats:

John Hall and Albright had 4 solo tackles each.

Santanna was tied for 2nd in the league in 3rd down receptions, 29 for 398yds and 1 TD.

Clinton was 8 for 9 on converting 3rd and 1's.

Ladell was 6th in the NFL in kick-off return average with 25.9 yds.

Skins were 2nd in the NFL in punt return coverage and 6th in the NFL in kickoff return coverage.

Arizona finished ahead of us in total defense. :yikes:

Skins finished 4th in the NFL in red zone offense at 63.8%, and 7th in red zone defense at 45.9%

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This very, very cool! This will certainly help to pass the time during the long offseason.....

When I was going through the player bios I noticed that the vast majority of the Skins' players are from SEC Schools (for some reason I find this type of thing interesting). There are like 5-6 guys from Georgia alone!

Just thought I'd point that out- not that anyone really cares!

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I second that! Rarely will a week go by that I don't wish I could see that database...sigh

Working on it guys. We have a number of projects we just couldn't reach out to during the Regular Season. We know its important to a lot of members.

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