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Met Shawn Springs in Vegas


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I was walking shoulder to shoulder with Ted "The Mad Man of Detroit Rock City" Nugent for about 20 yards at the Bellagio. Didn't even know it until I heard several people say "hey .. that's Ted Nugent" while they were pointing at me. At least, I thought they were pointing at me. Then I looked right next to me and said "Hey Ted!" Cool dude. And I agree with him on so many levels as far as ideology, politics, music, etc. He is a lot shorter than I thought he'd be.

That was only my second incidental brush with greatness. I also bumped shoulders with John Travolta few years ago in a flower shop near my home. Again, I didn't even know who I had just bumped into until my wife said "do you realize who you just ran into..?" Travolta is also a cool dude. He lives near me (a vacation home that he spends a lot of time at), but usually I just see his 707 (I believe that's the plane model) parked whenever he's in town at the nearby airport he uses. (I actually wish his wife, Kelly, was with him that day! I've long thought she was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood!)

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I have everyone beat. I was staying at the HardRock last May and met Jared from Subway. He was staying there at the same time, and had a smokin hot chick with him pool side.

I also met Brian Mitchell on the way to the HardRock he was waiting in the Taxi cab line, was walking past him (fairly drunk at the time) and said hey Brian Mitchel. I told him to hold up I had to get a high five. He was cool I told him it was Dog S#%& what the skins did by picking up deion and dumping him. I then told him he was a lock for the hall (streching the truth of course). He was a good dude.

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