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Saunders Offense vs. Williams Defense


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Greetings Everyone!

We've already seen the outcome of this this past season with the Redskins losing Week 5 at Kansas City 28-21 but, with the most respected coordinators at their positions in the league and using the current players on the roster, what kind of outcome do you think would happen?

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Hmmm. The big question is, when Gibbs retires after winning his 4th SB, which one will be named HC? Odds are, whomever doesn't get it will likely go elsewhere.

I'm not so sure that that's how it will play out. Here's how I see it.

If Saunders is named HC, Williams probably leaves but could stay

If Williams is named HC, Saunders probably stays but could leave(on account of his age).

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Didn't Tampa put up 36 against our D? I still believe that our current D would wallop our current O.

Sure.....however that was *WITHOUT* Sean Taylor AND C. Griffin. The Skins defense is very different without just 1 let alone both. 36 points will not be scored by any team vs. the Skins at full strength. I say "Good defense beats good offense."

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We were having problems with turnovers during this part of the year. We have solved that problem, are creating more turnovers and are committing less penalties. Basically the final 5 games of the season and in the playoffs they played smart football. Even if we didn't get much offensive output, you can't say we made serious errors and beat ourselves.

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