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Great Pic!!


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Right after this Sean Taylor lays a horrific blow, SA then :pooh: in his pants, while fumbling the ball into the waiting hands of LA who then returns it 65 yds for a TD. The skins now lead by 21. Thanks for playing! thus setting up the season sweep.

:seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu

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Here's another great pic...


Matt Hasselbeck: "We want the ball, and we're gonna score!"

What he didn't realize was that Al Harris does not equal a Seahawk WR. :laugh:

LMAO!!!! I love it every time someone brings this up. I get harrassed about the head-butting into the wall incident(****ing idiot), but that guy is long gone. Hasselback is still their starter. "WE want the ball and we're gonna score!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

One last point guys. Alexander had a ****ing 34 yard run in the first game, and still didn't break 100. To me that shows that he was basically bottled up all day. I think we'll do it again. Just like last week, we will stop the run and make Hasselback try to beat us. I'm not so sure he can.

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