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Think Chris Carter was wrong, how bout the FOX Sports Idiot


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Not really one who posts alot, so don't know if this was has made the discussion list yet.

At the begginning of the year I read as every 'know it all' from site to site wrote off the Skins (Save Joey T, who shut up the whole ESPN crew)

The worst one of all I believe was this idiot from the FOX website.

Wonder if this effer is ready 2 change his tune now.


Hail 2 the Redskins :point2sky

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One of the guys bold predictions. Only 2 of his ten predictions came true.

2. The Redskins will be a last-place team

Say it isn't so Joe. The NFC East clearly belongs to the Philadelphia Eagles. The next two slots will go to the Cowboys and Giants, both coming off of very good off-seasons, leaving Joe Gibbs' boys in the basement.

There's no way you can tell me the 'Skins have better talent now than one year ago. Right after Gibbs called linebacker Antonio Pierce and cornerback Fred Smoot "Core Redskins," owner Dan Snyder forgot where his checkbook was and let them walk to the Giants and Vikings respectively.

Wide receiver Santana Moss isn't as good as Laveranues Coles, whom the Redskins traded to get Moss. And while you certainly can sell me on the fact that wide receiver Rod Gardner needed a change of venue, you can't convince me David Patten is a go-to option as his replacement. The Patriots didn't even try to bring Patten back. Have New England's Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli ever been wrong?

It's obvious that Gibbs doesn't endorse Patrick Ramsey at quarterback. The coach proved that by drafting Jason Campbell with the team's second first-round pick and by keeping 2004 disaster Mark Brunell around. As a result, Ramsey plays looking over his shoulder.

Clinton Portis isn't comfortable running Gibbs' style of offense. Last year, he complained that the offense was too predictable. Portis wants the offensive line to block more like it did in Denver. Running backs coach Ernest Byner says he talked with former Denver offensive line coach Alex Gibbs about making adjustments. I talked to team executive Vinny Cerrato, who says nothing has changed. Chaos still rules at Redskins Park.

In the secondary, rookie cornerback Carlos Rogers is banged up. Walt Harris has to play way too much. And Sean Taylor has a legal mess hanging over his head.

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Umm, yeah he was wrong. And yes its nice to see that our Skins proved him so wrong, BUT he does say at the top very clearly:

Here's the beauty of competitive balance: There's a very good chance I am going to be wrong.

So, its not like he thought all his predictions would be right. Just as I thought the Vikes and Cards would be among the NFC Playoff contenders, I was wrong on that.

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That whole article is hysterical. Where does he come up with this stuff?

Denver and Washington in last place????

Roethlisberger to struggle and not make the playoffs, but Boller will excel and make it...???

Somehow, he accurately predicted Orton to win more games than Favre.

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My bad I see someoneput it out already.................

I never saw it, so thanks :cheers: Boy, that guy was way more wrong on his predictions than right, but hell, its hard to make several of 'em in the beginning of the year and have much come out that way.

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Say it isn't so Joe. The NFC East clearly belongs to the Philadelphia Eagles. The next two slots will go to the Cowboys and Giants

:laugh: :ha:

Wide receiver Santana Moss isn't as good as Laveranues Coles

:laugh: :laugh:

by keeping 2004 disaster Mark Brunell around

23 TDS THROWN B***H. :shhh: :finger:

Clinton Portis isn't comfortable running Gibbs' style of offense

:laugh: :rolleyes:

This guy deserves all the following:

:laugh: :doh: :finger: :finger: :nana: :nana: :dunce:

:rolleyes: :puke: :finger: :finger: :no: :insane: :dunce:

:poke: :poke: :stop: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :shhh::shhh:

and most of all:

:bsflag: :stfu:

:helmet: :logo: Playoffs. Bitc I-I !!!

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You have to read the letters he responds to in this new article. They are all ripping him and his preseason predictions :laugh: :laugh:

I love the holidays. Especially holiday e-mails.

David Mason remembers:


Didn't you predict the Broncos to finish last in the AFC West? Strange as I watch them clinch the No. 2 playoff spot in the AFC. They are the second best team in the NFL. Vindication!!! You should write an article apologizing for how utterly incorrect you were about our team. Maybe next year you will fare a little better.

I thought the former Browns on the defensive line would play like they did in Cleveland. I didn't trust Plummer. I was dead wrong. Denver has really impressed.

Julie Andrus sends her holiday wishes:


Your comment about Rod Smith indicates you haven't watched as much football as you think you have. But then again, you're likely paid as an entertainer — not as a football expert. That is, assuming FOX actually pays you.

The check clears every month, so that's good news. I can afford presents this holiday season. Though, you sound very much like my agent when you ask that question.

Robert H. Bentley makes a point:


The Pro Bowl is about the FANS! We listen to yours and other experts' rhetoric each and every week. Who cares where Vanden Bosch is in the sack column? They are 4-10. Football is about the FANS, not the commentators ... you donkey.

He actually wrote donkey in the e-mail. Didn't have to be edited. Very effective.

Paul in West Virginia writes:


I love Sirius NFL Radio, your show with Riggins. And I love your FOX columns. The best part about the columns — I feel good about myself when I am wrong. J.J. Arrington for rookie of the year? Kyle Boller to the playoffs? Washington and Denver in last place?? Does FOX drug test?

Arrington is going to have a big Week 17. I can just feel it.

Gus in Milwaukee has a different spin:


You are football legend. I am a Bears fan stuck at work with all the Packer-loving freaks. I printed out your preseason column and plastered it to my cubicle. Everyone in the office laughed. Who's laughing now? I now make my co-workers kiss your article when they walk by.

I'm a little flattered, and a little scared.

And then there's Gary in Pennsylvania:

Schein, I'm a Steelers die-hard, so I agree with you on Ward. Love your radio shows and columns. But since I'm a Steelers fan and you didn't think we were going to the playoffs — let me say this — Merry Christmas, and ____ you.

Well said.

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