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  1. I didn't get to see the PPV. What was the great swerve they pulled?
  2. I didn't see the PPV last night, but Jericho got destroyed by HBK then shows up and wins the title over the other 3? Why is that believable?
  3. I went to a local MMA event last night in Raleigh and Jeff Hardy and the Hurricane, Gregory Helms, were there. I was outside smoking at one point with a friend and Jeff Hardy came out and bummed a light then just hung out talking to us for about 20 min. He said he'll be back in mid May. He was real down to earth and a nice guy. I told him I was sorry to hear about his house burning down, and he said they are building a house now. It was interesting because he said he was supposed to win the Money in the bank ladder match at Wrestlemania. He even talked about both of his suspensions
  4. My sopcast has locked up what is going on now?
  5. Are we getting our own replays on sop cast now?
  6. I couldn't see it well on sopcast but was he bleeding from his nose or mouth?
  7. It's on Sopcast channel 42858. The sound isn't great, but better than nothing.
  8. I found it on this page, but there is no sound. http://www.ustream.tv/pwsradio
  9. This is terrible news. RIP Benoit and family.
  10. What did the Rock do? I only caught parts of the show, and I missed that.
  11. Here are a couple of web pages for WSX http://www.myspace.com/wrestlingsocietyx http://www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/wsx/series.jhtml?source=TLD_wsx.mtv.com
  12. How is the match for the ECW title not an extreme rules match?
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