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To all the Philly fans....

Spaceman Spiff

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I don't know what bothers me more.

The cheers when Portis was down on the field, or how they had to bring his mother down from the stands because she had something poured on her.

Thats freaking classless, stupid philphy scum. :eaglesuck

never cease to be the worst fans on the planet. I'm glad they suck this year and for years to come! :2cents: :silly: :laugh: :eaglesuck

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I gotta ask, how does it feel now! the roles have been reversed. 6-10 to 10-6 :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Silly question. It sucks, of course, but it's not the end of the world. We'll be back next year. :cool: I'm proud of our guys tonight; all I ask for is that they put forth a reasonable effort and they did...until the end. Congrats on the win, you guys adjusted in the second half and we didn't. Good luck in the playoffs and we'll see you there next year! :applause: I'd rather see the 'skins in than the Cowgirls anyway.


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