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Lets Go Raiders, Lets Go Norv.......1000 Posts this week.....


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Oakland is a wreck - yes they pulled out a win a FedEx but they play pretty much clueless! As a SF native, there is no hope - I think praying for 10 points from the Raiders is more realistic. Believe me I would love the Skins to win the division, but it's going to take a miracle. Hope Eli plays like his father and not his brother this week!

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Didn't the Cardinals beat the Vikings in the last game of the year to dash their playoff hopes..maybe 3 years ago or something?

If the Cardinals can do it, the Raiders can do it.

Kerry - Just go deep to Randy Moss like 20 times. Maybe 4 or 5 of those passes are bound to work against the Giants secondary. Make Will Allen used to getting beat by receivers named Moss!


Go Raiders!

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