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Finally some respect! I cant wait to see what Woody paiges dumbass says. He said we would lose our final two games, and not get in the playoffs. its gonna be great to see him eat a huge plate of crow. Also, i cant wait to see what Cris Carter anti-skins ass saysabout us. The whole inside the NFL crew better give us some respect. They all just switch sides to hating us, and then loving us. I'm just waiting fir the media lovefest, this week. Hopefully this game will be on NFL Network as a "game of the week"

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At least last week on Inside the NFL the other guys called Carter out for dogging the Skins all year..

they still completely rushed the highlights like a pack of punks though

Oh well this week might be better but frankly those guys lost lots of points last week with the way they just rushed the package like it was a meaningless game and not a crucial NFC showdown with an amazing outcome..... like everyone else in the media seemed to recognize

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