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This week Joe Gibbs is preaching "No Letdown!"


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No surprise here. Alot more on the line now. Joe's great at getting the team prepared and an excellent motivator. Redskins need to play the same game if not better this Saturday, ( so do the fans ;) ), that they did against the Cowboys. Coach is good at these things. He'll make sure they do.

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what scares is how we performed after a blowout win last time...

I'm sure the fact that our back is against the wall and revenge from the arse whoppin will help keep the intensity up, RIGHT????

You make a good point but, I just think this team is more focus just hearing them talk during the interviews plus they beated a team that no one expected them to beat in the Cowboys . Everyone thought we would beat up on a bad Niners team we went in to that game against the Giants thinking we were better than we are I think the lesson was learned.

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