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Skins/Boys analysis on afternoon ESPN shows


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I'm gonna paraphrase what they say here...

1st & 10:

Bayless: I wouldn't be shocked if Jerry Jones runs Parcells out of town if they miss the playoffs. Drew Bledsoe has been a mistake. This could be the end for Bill Parcells.

Paige: He's not gonna get rid of Parcells. Whose he gonna go get that's better? Drew Bledsoe is probably the problem, not the solution.

Paige: I don't see the Redskins making the playoffs. They'll lose one of the next two and that'll put them outside of the playoffs.

Bayless: I think they'll beat the Giants at home and win at Philly and be in the playoffs.

Paige: This is an inconsistent team.


Paige's top 5 in the NFC:

1. Seahawks

2. Giants

3. Bears

4. Panthers

5. Falcons

Bayless's top 5:

1. Panthers

2. Bears

3. Giants

4. Seahawks

5. REDSKINS :cheers:


Bayless: Darrell Armstrong wasn't fined nearly enough. He could have started a riot. Who is this guy?

Paige: Have you lost your mind? That is funny!

I'm not going to bother recapping the NFL Primetime segment. Rome is Burning starts at 4:30...

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Who is the complete idiot on 1st & 10 who had the hissy-fit wanting the maverick player who gave the 'skins a shout-out a huge fine because he "could've started a riot"?

That guy was a goof through the whole last 15 minutes I watched of the show but really looked like a fool at the end talking about that topic.

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Why exactly did Armstrong get fined for pledging his support of a NFL team??

Maybe because he plays for the Dallas Mavericks?

Or maybe because he was scheduled to speak before the game, but took the mike, said a few words, then added the bit about the Skins. The article I read said Cuban was laughing though. :laugh:

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I can do ATH, but not PTI.


Bob Ryan: Tampa Bay will get a WC spot. Minnesota won't. Atlanta is dead. Washington has the best spot. It will be the Washington Redskins.

Woody Paige: I agree with you on Tampa Bay. Redskins are not gonna win another game. Dallas won't win another game. Vikings are a fraud. Atlanta will win the WC.

Tim Cowlishaw: you have to go with the Redskins. they've won 3 in a row. Defense is getting healthy. They can probably get in at 9-7.

Jay Mariotti: Forget about Vick, his ribs are shot. Dallas is done. Pencil in Tampa Bay. Minnesota or Washington. Redskins & Minnesota split - Redskins in the playoffs.

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Just kidding, I can do PTI after all...

Tony: I don't have them as the best team in the NFC. I had them winning out 2 weeks ago and they're going to.

Mike: The Dallas Cowboys playing a hated rival, on the road, how can they play like that?

Tony: Joe Gibbs now owns Parcells -

Mike: For one year.

Tony: I don't think that they're going to win playoff games. But it was an enormous win.

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